It's been a day full of Comic-Con news and the Storm Area 51 movement has been seemingly buried. However, that has now changed since a comedian took footage from Avengers: Infinity War and imagined it as the Storm Area 51 event happening in real time. Needless to say, it's pretty hilarious and one can only hope the real event will be half as entertaining as the fake Wakanda battle. As of this writing, 1.7 million people have RSVP'd to go raid Area 51 and there's over a million people "interested" in making the trek out to Nevada.

Captain America has been renamed Kyle in the Area 51 Infinity War footage, while Black Panther is the Naruto Runner from the Storm Area 51 invite. Black Widow is now Karen, the Outriders are the Area 51 guards, War Machine is a "rock thrower," and the Black Order are guards using "experimental tech." However, the best has yet to come. Thor lands and is now Florida Man, Groot is Pot Head, and Rocket is Meth Attack Squirrel.

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The Storm Area 51 Raid started off as a joke and the creator had no idea it would get so big so quickly. Bakersfield native Matty Roberts thought maybe a few hundred people would think he was being funny and sign up for the event. "It started out just from a pure stroke of imagination," says Roberts. He admits to getting some pretty interesting direct messages about the event, which has him baffled. "I'm just like, 'Oh my God, bud,'" states Roberts in response to the fanatical messages he gets about actually storming Area 51.

Guy Fieri, Lil Nas X, Bud Light, Keanu Reeves, and Danny Trejo have all commented on the Storm Area 51 event and people on social media are trying to throw a campaign together to have popstar Katy Perry perform her hit song "E.T." at the raid. That's likely not going to happen, but the Defense Department knows what will happen should anyone actually visit Nellis Air Force Base Complex in Nevada and try to break in. They will defend the government property by any means necessary, which means it's a really good idea to stay home and watch the live stream of the event instead.

Even physicist Bob Lazar is telling people not show up to the Storm Area 51 event, noting the last time someone tried to break in they were shot. Additionally, Lazar claims there isn't and never was any aliens at the location, declaring that it was actually further south at another government facility out in the desert. Whatever the case may be, the Storm Area 51 event is still a pretty big deal, which means September 20th is going to be a very interesting day. You can watch the Area 51 Infinity War footage below, thanks to Irving Lambert's Twitter account.