Not even DJ Paul Oakenfold could gather more than 100 people at the Storm Area 51 event. It seems that the alien enthusiasts stayed home to see what was going to happen as opposed to experiencing the event for themselves. While local Nevada law enforcement was expecting thousands of people, only about 150 showed up in total. As for the Oakenfold gig, it wasn't even anywhere near the original event. Instead, it was held just outside of Las Vegas, which should have seen a larger crowd.

The Storm Area 51 event's offshoot music festival was held at the Alien Research Center, which is a souvenir shop 100 miles out of Las Vegas. Before the festivities started, they screened Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers. Lazar pleaded with real alien hunters to stay home when the event was announced over the summer and it looks like nearly everybody listened, even the people who are unaware of his work. Paul Oakenfold had this to say about joining the event.

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"I've played some very unique shows from the Wall of China to Stonehenge and the base camp of Mount Everest, so for me it was an opportunity to do something challenging, different, unique."

As it turns out, the only unique thing about Paul Oakenfold's Storm Area 51 performance was that it was an hour long and there were only about 100 people watching him. The event was started as a complete joke, but it took on a life of its own and quickly became a viral sensation. Millions of people RSVP'd to the event that Matty Roberts sent out, which blew his mind and caught the attention of the United States Air Force.

The Air Force put out a stern warning to anyone attempting to Storm Area 51, which was taken seriously. Matty Roberts has since distanced himself from the stunt and did not attend the festivities. The Nellis Air Force Base was not raided and the event took place miles away from it, which was a wise decision. However, there are still some who want the truth and are demanding the United States government provide answers about aliens and UFOs. These are the people who stayed home and continued their research on the subject, which just got a big boost, thanks to former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge.

Tom DeLonge recently leaked videos that he claimed to be actual evidence of UFOs. While many were skeptical, the Navy has just come forward to confirm that the video footage is genuine. DeLonge was ecstatic to learn that his work in the field of alien and UFO hunting has started to finally pay off. While the serious alien hunters received some huge news this week, the Storm Area 51 attendees were more interested in partying with a few dozen other people out in the desert. TMZ was the first to reveal the Storm Area 51 event numbers.