The first Naruto runner at the Storm Area 51 event has been located. The event started as a joke on Facebook and quickly turned into a viral sensation. In the original event invite, Bakersfield native Matty Roberts suggested that everyone do the "Naruto run" towards the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Iconic Japanese Manga character Naruto Uzumaki is the one who inspired the act as he runs with his head down and arms stretched out behind him.

While the original Storm Area 51 event saw millions of people signing up to come hunt aliens, only hundreds have shown up thus far. Once the Nellis Air Force Base caught wind of what was happening, they sent out a stern warning to anybody who was even thinking about approaching the base, which included the use of force, if necessary. Now, news crews are down on the scene, miles away from the base, and they are shooting live. This gave one alien enthusiast his time to shine. In the footage, which you can see below, a young man waits for the perfect opportunity to kick everything off right with the first Naruto run of the day.

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Since the Nellis Air Force Base threatened to hurt anybody who came near the premises, there have been tons of Storm Area 51 events announced in and around the area, with musical acts playing. Alienstock is one such event and even DJ Paul Oakenfield will perform at a Storm Area 51 basecamp experience tonight. The DJ is no stranger to performing in strange places and this is perfect for him and his EDM music, which some claim speaks directly to aliens.

Paul Oakenfield will more than likely get a few thousand alien hunters out of the house to see if he can speak with the aliens through his music. It's amazing to think that this all started from a social media joke from a dude in Bakersfield. With that being said, Matty Roberts did take the event page down after getting contacted by the government and has since disavowed the whole thing. Whatever the case may be, people are taking the Storm Area 51 raid very seriously, but instead of looking for answers, they're looking for an intergalactic party.

Area 51 is the highly classified and world famous U.S. Air Force base in southern Nevada. For decades, conspiracy theorists and paranormal enthusiasts have been obsessed with the area which is where alien autopsies are believed to have taken place, along with the study of alien spacecraft. The government has kept a tight seal on any information coming in our out of the facility, which just adds to the allure. To make the Storm Area 51 event even more special is the fact that the Navy recently revealed that former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge's UFO videos are real. 2019 is a strange time to be alive. You can check out the first Naruto runner of the Storm Area 51 raid below, thanks to Chaos Twitter account.