Millions of alien hunters have now proven to be posers. The Storm Area 51 event had over 2 million alien enthusiasts claiming they were coming down to the Air Force Base in Southern Nevada. However, as of this writing, only about 150 people have shown up to Rachel, Nevada. The town is the closest the partygoers could get to the base, which is a good thing since the Air Force put out a pretty stern warning about getting anywhere near the facility.

Out of the handful of alien enthusiasts to make it out to Rachel (population 50), only one man was arrested. The man came from Canada to the Storm Area 51 event and got busted for indecent exposure after cops found him urinating on a fence. One woman was detained for unknown reasons, but was later released. Law enforcement in Rachel are relieved that only a few people have shown up thus far, though things could get a little bit worse a few miles away.

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DJ Paul Oakenfield is on his way to perform at the Storm Area 51 event this evening. However, police only estimate that there will be about 2,500 people total, which is a far cry from the 15,000 they were originally anticipating. Pictures and livestreams from the event have shown nearly empty parking lots and rows upon rows of unused porta-potties. If the aliens really are going to come out and party tonight, they'll at the very least have many clean places to use the restroom, which is nice since the party looks pretty pathetic.

Event coordinator Matty Roberts distanced himself from the Storm Area 51 event weeks ago, so don't expect him to come down and shake some hands. It's believed that the United States military had some stern words for the prankster. With that being said, we've seen a number of people doing their best Naruto runs, but it just looks kind of sad since there's so much land and not very many people around to witness it. For now, alien hunters can only hope that Paul Oakenfield is able to use his EDM sounds and lasers to summon some aliens down for a small party in Nevada.

It's kind of a bummer to see the raid Area 51 event end with a whimper instead of a bang. After so much buildup and so many promises from alien enthusiasts, we're just seeing a really small party with some tinfoil hats, which are given away for free. Former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge seems to have successfully stolen the thunder of the Storm Area 51 event with the announcement that the Navy has validated his UFO videos and even used the same language to describe the UFOs. For now, this will have to be the victory unless something truly crazy ends up happening out in Nevada. USA Today was the first to report on the small crowd size at Storm Area 51.