The United States military has issued an apology for threating violence at the Storm Area 51 event. The event quickly went viral after Matty Roberts created it as a joke back in June. It started to get widespread attention and before he knew it, millions of people were talking about heading out to Nevada to learn the truth about the mysterious area with a quest to find out what the government has been hiding about aliens and UFOs for all these years. Roberts later ran into trouble with the U.S. government and shut down the event.

Over the summer, the United States Air Force issued a statement in regard to the Storm Area 51 event. A spokesperson noted that it would not be wise to try and get close to the Nellis Air Force Base, and declared that the military would do what it needed to do to protect its assets. However, the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service took it all a step forward. The U.S. military social media account tweeted an image of a stealth bomber with a number of military personnel in front of it. The caption reads, "The last thing Millennials will see if they attempt the Area 51 raid today..."

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The Defense Visual Information Distribution Service, aka DVIDS, quickly deleted the threatening tweet and offered an apology. Many alien hunters were not amused by the military's "joke" on social media as they still demand to know what the government is hiding in Area 51. Whatever the case may be, DVIDS issued an apology, which you can read below.

"Last night a DVIDSHUB employee posted a Tweet that in NO WAY supports the stance of the Department of Defense. It was inappropriate and we apologize for this mistake."

The Storm Area 51 event ended up being a complete bust with only a few hundred people showing up throughout the weekend. Even a performance by DJ Paul Oakenfold was only able to draw around one hundred people. Local law enforcement were relieved, but also more than a little angry that they spent a lot of extra money on beefing up a police presence. There have been whispers of a lawsuit against Facebook for allowing the event page stay up for so long, which resulted in the extra law enforcement on patrol, though it is unclear if this will go forward or not.

Thankfully, nobody was injured and there were only a handful of arrests at the Storm Area 51 event. Alien enthusiasts will just have to keep waiting for the government to declassify more information about the place and the secrets it holds within. Luckily, those enthusiasts have former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge on their side with his To The Stars Academy. DeLonge recently made some pretty big strides in the world of UFOs and the world is waiting for more answers. You can check out the U.S. military apology to the attendees of the Storm Area 51 event below, thanks to the DVIDSHub Twitter account.