The recent Sony and Marvel Studios news in regard to Spider-Man has started a movement. Taking a cue from the Storm Area 51 event, Marvel fans are planning to do the same thing, except they're storming Sony and, as of this writing, there are nearly 3,000 people ready to do so. The idea is to "Storm Sony And Bring Spider-Man Home To The MCU" on October 31st. Like the Storm Area 51 event, this probably won't end up happening, but it might gather a sizable crowd.

Marvel Studios fans were caught off guard to learn that Sony is taking Spider-Man back and not working with Kevin Feige, Marvel and Disney any longer. In other words, this means no more Peter Parker hanging out in the MCU and fans are not happy about it at all. In a short amount of time, the Storm Sony event has gained quite a bit of traction and may end up getting into the Storm Area 51 attendance numbers if everything keeps expanding as fast as it has been.

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In addition to the Storm Sony event, Marvel Studios fans are trying to convince Disney to make a Night Monkey movie in retaliation to Sony's decision to take their toys and go home. Obviously, this is an argument between two studios and not all of the blame can be shifted solely to Sony. However, they are the only ones to have released an official statement in regard to the disaster. We get it, Marvel Studios wants a bigger piece of the pie and Sony is reluctant after Spider-Man: Far From Home became its highest grossing movie of all time.

Maybe Disney will just step in and buy Sony. They recently did the same thing with Fox and Sony might not be too far off with Disney's quest to own and run everything. According to Sony, Kevin Feige doesn't have the time to focus his attention on the Spider-Man franchise, which seems a little hard to believe since the character has been absolutely massive after Tom Holland took on the role. In the end, both studios will have to come to terms because the character is too valuable to both.

Tom Holland has been quiet on the matter, but Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner has publicly asked Sony to return Spider-Man back to Stan Lee and Marvel Studios. While this is all well and good, it's down to Marvel Studios and Sony to come to terms and keep the partnership going. Fans are going to continue to rage against Sony until then, even if they don't necessarily deserve the scorn and negativity. In the end, both studios may have just learned an important lesson and revealed just how much fans love Tom Holland as Spider-Man. You can head over to the Storm Sony Facebook event page to sign up and join other fans.