The storm is a comin' on DVD.

According to Fangoria, Storm Warning is coming to DVD February 5, apparently skipping a theatrical release. The disc will be priced at $19.95 SRP. The horror flick stars Nadia Far&#232s, John Brumpton, Robert Taylor, David Lyons and Mathew Wilkinson

Combining elements of Deliverance and Straw Dogs, this follows a yuppie couple as they embark on a fishing trip gone very wrong. When they're captured by deranged locals, the wife fights back in a gory battle that director Jamie Blanks (Urban Legend) delivers with vivid prosthetic and digital effects.

Special Features

- Audio commentary by Jamie Blanks, screenwriter Everett DeRoche, actor Robert Taylor, cinematographer Karl Von Moller, production designer Robby Perkins and special FX artist Justin Dix.

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