George Lucas rides off into the sunset on a song, and with a whole lot of love as Strange Magic marks the final film he developed for Lucasfilm before selling his company to Disney. Inspired by Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', Strange Magic is a motion capture, CGI musical about the unlikely romance of a faerie princess (Evan Rachel Wood) and the grizzled Bog King (Alan Cumming).

A departure from his previous work, this new fantasy adventure is a frame to frame musical, with popular songs driving the love themed plot. Lucas admits he has been writing Strange Magic for over fifteen years. As Star Wars was mainly meant for boys, Strange Magic is his opus for girls. And it Teaches a much different lesson than traditional, patriarchal fables.

Lucas was jovial, relaxed, and enjoying the press tour for Strange Magic when we met up with him. He discusses retirement and handing over complete control to Disney at length. Honestly, this was the most excited I've been for an interview in years. George Lucas has been such an instrumental figure in Hollywood and the lives of generations globally. He certainly deserves to settle down and enjoy the fruits of his incredible success. Check out our interviews below with George Lucas, Evan Rachel Wood,Alan Cumming, and Elijah Kelley! Then check out Strange Magic in theaters now.