It's been nearly 20 years since Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider made his acting and writing debut in 1998's Strangeland, which would go on to become a horror cult classic. In the years that followed, there has often been talk of a sequel, Strangeland 2, but it has never gotten off the ground. During a new interview, Dee Snider reveals that he still wants to make this follow-up, but he took the past year off to focus on his new album. Here's what he had to say below.

"I'm always trying to get Strangeland 2 going. I don't know what the hell it is with that thing! That whole experience could be a documentary in itself - 'The Making of Strangeland 2.' [laughs] What the f--k?! That is what it would be called, 'The Making of Strangeland 2: WTF!' There are a lot of creative properties I am looking to explore. Like I said, I was ready to dive in to all these other things when Damon Ranger approached me, So I put everything else on hold to focus on the album for the past year."
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Rumors surfaced in 2010 that production would happen in Louisiana, with Dee Snider returning as Captain Howdy and Robert Englund coming back to reprise his role as Jackson Roth. Filming never took place but we reported last year that Emaji Entertainment acquired the rights to reboot Strangeland. We never heard anything more about the project since then. Here's what Dee Snider had to say, when asked about the possibility of crowdfunding the sequel in his interview with Icon Vs Icon.

So many people ask me about Strangeland 2. Someone asked me, 'Well, why don't you crowdfund it?' I'm thinking, 'Good point!' if people want this movie so bad, and it seems like when I go to these horror conventions and it seems like everybody wants it, maybe that is the route to go. Maybe this coming year, heading toward the 20th anniversary, what sounds like the right amount of time between funding it, filming it and releasing it, I will see if the audience wants to put their money where their mouth is and join me in this journey!"

At one point, casting was under way under the title StrangeLand: Disciple, but it hasn't been confirmed if that title is still in place. A 2010 casting call revealed that the horror sequel would take place one year after the events of the original, while other reports claimed the follow-up would be set 11 years later. As of now, nothing has been confirmed about Strangeland 2, but hopefully one day this sequel will finally make it to the big screen.