Hope everyone likes re-watching the old stuff. Stranger Things has halted shooting as Netflix suspends production on all original content in North America. The streaming giant is the latest company to surrender to the coronavirus and its rapid spreading. The news comes after Netflix closed down one of their Los Angeles buildings for thorough cleaning after reportedly learning one of its employees might have the coronavirus, according to sources. Now, all of their original programming will take a breather while the world figures out what to do next.

Netflix productions in the United States and Canada are taking two weeks off to reassess the current situation. The highly anticipated fourth season of Stranger Things, which is in pre-production, will be affected by the shutdown. Ryan Murphy's movie The Prom and the final season of Grace and Frankie are also affected by the suspension. The move comes after Disney pulled the plug on all of their projects in production too, which includes many Disney+ shows in various forms of development.

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While Netflix is only taking two weeks off, that could very well change at any minute. News covering the coronavirus seems to change frequently and the streaming platform may end up having to take off even more time. Schools in California are also closing, with some taking up to three weeks off. Disneyland and Disney World have shut down and will not open back up again until next month, unless things continue to get worse. Universal Studios has also closed up shop and all major sporting events have been cancelled or postponed. Hopefully all of this time off will help to keep the coronavirus from spreading.

Additionally, late night talk shows have also ceased production after attempting to go without a studio audience. The entertainment world is going through some massive measures in order to keep everybody safe from the coronavirus. Though this all seems like bad news, it will hopefully end up being good in the end. We could all use some time to relax at home and get into new or old shows, or even crack open a book or five. We'll just have to wait and see how long everything will be shut down.

Netflix has yet to announce if these production delays will have any effect on their respective release dates. As for the reasoning behind that, nobody can really say for sure. These breaks could end up lasting a lot longer than just the initial two weeks, or things could get right back on schedule. Whatever the case may be, we're probably going to be looking at a pretty interesting summer when it comes to entertainment. It might be time to look into getting into more than just Netflix for streaming entertainment needs. Deadline was the first to report on Netflix shutting down production on all original content for the next two weeks.