The Stranger Things real-life sea creature mystery has been solved. People can go back to being scared of the coronavirus, which is now a global heath emergency. Days ago, a fisherman pulled a mystery creature from the sea and was scared by what he saw. Video footage of the event finds the man calling to his mom, who is terrified of the bizarre thing flopping around on the deck. Obviously, the video went viral and found all kinds of amateur marine biologists doing their best to solve the mystery.

The creature appeared to have a tail and two other appendages, along with a gaping mouth and gills where one would think the eyes would go. It actually does look like something straight out of Stranger Things, which was the obvious comparison. However, those with less active imaginations and more knowledge about the world's ocean had some pretty close ideas. In the end, the Ocean Conservation Trust cracked the case. You can read their statement below.

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"Our marine experts here at the Ocean Conservation Trust have taken a look at the video and without seeing the animal first hand it is of course tricky to identify 100%. However, from what we can see, it does appear to be an underdeveloped skate. It's always interesting to find unusual types of creatures that haven't been seen before in the ocean and since only 5% of it has so far been explored, it's likely that there are still many animals living there that we are yet to see or discover. As an ocean conservation charity, it's one of the many reasons we feel that it is so important to look after our ocean."

Many commenters on the video went along with the skate identification, as opposed to the Demogorgon from Stranger Things. One viewer believed that in addition to being possibly underdeveloped, it could also be folded over in an attempt to protect itself. When looking at a normal skate, this seems to be the case. This does not hide the fact that it looks pretty disturbing, especially as it's gasping for air. Hopefully it was thrown back into the ocean.

A normal skate is flat and "shaped like a rhombus with a pointed snout, two wings and a tail ending in two small dorsal fins," according to the National Aquarium. They are typically found in the Atlantic, going as far south as Florida and then along the eastern part of the Gulf of Mexico. They also kind of look like shovel nose ray or even a smaller and skinnier stingray.

As the Ocean Conservation Trust says, only about 5% of our ocean has been explored, which means there's a lot that we don't know. There could be all kinds of unexplored sections of the deep ocean with entire species of undiscovered creatures from the sea. Thankfully, this real-life Stranger Things mystery has been solved. You can check out a video of the underdeveloped skate from the sea below, thanks to the 3-W News YouTube channel.