Another week, another new batch of movies to stream in quarantine. Most of us are cooped up at home right now during this period of self-isolation and social distancing. Movie theaters are out of the question, but that doesn't mean we still can't enjoy new movies from the comfort of home. And this week has plenty for movie lovers to enjoy.

Spanning comedy, drama, animated family movies, horror and more, this week brings home a wide variety of streaming options. We have some of last year's biggest movies finally arriving on streaming, one of 2020's biggest sequels heading straight to streaming, a couple of new Netflix originals and much more. So, here are this week's new movie streaming selections.

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Trolls World Tour - Digital

Trolls World Tour

Not to overstate things, but this is, in some ways, one of the biggest streaming releases ever in the history of the medium. Universal Pictures opened the floodgates by making this intended theatrical release available digitally instead while movie theaters are shut down. Sure, Trolls World Tour, which is available starting April 10, is just an animated sequel aimed at younger viewers, but if this pays off, it could be a new way for studios to do business, and a blow that movie theaters may not be able to handle once things return to normal. All of that said, the sequel is directed by Walt Dohrn and David P. Smith, with a voice cast led by Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake. This time, Poppy and Branch are setting out on a grand adventure to the six different lands of music.

Like a Boss - Digital

Like a Boss

This one quietly came and went at the box office earlier this year, but Like a Boss will have a second chance as it is now available on digital platforms. The comedy stars Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne as best friends who run their own cosmetic company, who then take a buyout from an industry titan, played by Salma Hayek. R-rated hijinks ensue. Critics generally didn't care for what director Miguel Arteta brought to the table, as it currently holds a 20 percent critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But the audience score is 65 percent, so perhaps it's best to decide for yourself on this one.

We Summon the Darkness - Digital

We Summon the Darkness

The killing spree of murderous Satanists has already led to 18 deaths throughout America's Heartland. Three best friends embark on a road trip to a heavy metal gig. Naive, they bond with three seemingly fun-loving guys and the group heads off to Alexis' secluded country home for an afterparty. What should be a night of fun and youthful debauchery may instead take a dark, deadly turn. With killers on the loose, can anyone be trusted? Here is our We Summon the Darkness review.

Stray Dolls - VOD

Stray Dolls

Riz, a recently arrived immigrant and ex-gang member, works at a motel in hopes of starting her life over in America. At the motel, Riz meets Dallas, a bold runaway who is also a recovering drug and sex addict. Together the girls conspire to rob the motel owner (Cynthia Nixon), which sets off a series of violent events where the girls are forced to take matters into their own hands.

Ip Man 4: The Finale - Digital

IP Man 4

The long-running Donnie Yen action franchise continues with IP Man 4, which is available digitally now. This time around, Ip Man makes his way to San Francisco to help ease tensions with a local kung fu master and his star student, Bruce Lee. Meanwhile, the martial artist is hoping to find a more promising future for his son. Director Wilson Yip's fourth entry in the series was received quite well by critics and audiences alike, so action fans may do well to check this one out. For those who need to catch up, the first three are currently streaming on Netflix.

The Last Full Measure - Digital

The Last Full Measure

Would you like to see Sebastian Stan in a movie not connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What about an unconventional war movie a real-life man who saved the lives of more than 60 men during the Vietnam War? If you answered yes to either of those questions, The Last Full Measure may be for you. Written and directed by Todd Robinson, this boasts an A-list cast that includes Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Plummer, Peter Fonda, William Hurt and Ed Harris. It is available digitally now.

Love Wedding Repeat - Netflix

Love Wedding Repeat

Netflix has excelled in the rom-com department in recent years, so those who like the genre might to well to check out Love Wedding Repeat, which drops on the streaming service April 10. This serves as the feature directorial debut from Dean Craig, who is known best for writing Death at a Funeral and sees alternate versions of the same wedding plays out as Jack (Sam Claflin) tries to make sure his little sister has the perfect wedding day. The cast also includes Olivia Munn, Aisling Bea and Freida Pinto.

The Main Event - Netflix

The Main Event

Also arriving on Netflix on April 10, we have The Main Event. Director Jay Karas is handling this one, which was produced by WWE Studios and should appeal to wrestling fans. It centers on an 11-year old boy who is an aspiring wrestler. After discovering a magical mask, he enters a competition to become the next WWE superstar. Adam Pally, Ken Marion, Tichina Arnold, Lisa Durupt and Seth Carr star.

Les Miserables - Amazon Prime

Les Miserables

Available via Amazon Prime Video starting April 10, Les Miserables was France's 2020 Oscar submission and has been praised a great deal by critics ahead of its streaming debut. It centers on Stephane who has recently joined the Anti-Crime squad in Montfermeil, a sensitive district of the Paris projects. Paired up with Chirs and Gwada, whose methods are sometimes unorthodox, he rapidly discovers the tensions between the various neighborhood groups. When the trio finds themselves overrun during the course of an arrest, a drone begins filming every move they make. The movie is inspired by the 2005 Parisian riots and comes from director Ladj Ly.

Parasite - Hulu


Speaking of Oscars, this year's Best Picture winner Parasite, the first non-English-language movie in history to win the award, is available to stream on Hulu now. Directed by Bong Joon-ho, who also took home the Best Director award this year for his work on the acclaimed thriller, it is a tale of greed and class discrimination. It centers on the Kim family who has a newly formed symbiotic relationship between the wealthy Park family, which becomes threatened when unexpected circumstances emerge. For those who may have missed this in theaters, now is the perfect time to catch one of the best movies of 2019.

IT Chapter Two - HBO

IT Chapter 2

Lastly, we have one of the biggest horror movies in recent memory with IT Chapter Two making its debut on HBO on April 11. Directed by Andy Muschietti, the sequel sees The Losers Club returning to Derry, Maine 27 years later to finish what they started in the first half of this blockbuster Stephen King adaptation. Bill Skarsgard returns as Pennywise, alongside the young cast members who portrayed the Losers the first time around. An A-list ensemble brings to life the adult Losers, comprised of Jessica Chastain, Billy Hader, James McAvoy, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Isaiah Mustafa and Andy Bean. While the consensus is that the sequel wasn't as great as its predecessor, it's still worth seeing how the cinematic saga of Pennywise the clown wraps up.