We still have several weeks left, at a bare minimum, before the majority of movie theaters attempt to reopen. But fear not, lovers of cinema as there are plenty of new movies arriving via streaming this week to keep you occupied. Be it brand new releases or recent movies that are now making their way to a major streaming service, this week's options are abundant and varied.

From a would-have-been major film festival debut to a new DC animated feature, this week's new releases run the table. We also have a recent horror flick making its way online, Liam Neeson taking a break from action movies and a critically-acclaimed documentary, amongst others to choose from. Here are this week's streaming movie selections.

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Valley Girl - Digital

Valley Girl

This long-gestating remake of the Nicolas Cage 80s classic has, more or less, been collecting dust for some time. On May 8, Valley Girl is finally coming to digital platforms. The movie was buried after YouTuber Logan Paul faced a great deal of controversy over his now-infamous suicide forest video. The remake turns the tale of a girl who falls in love with a musician into a musical. Jessica Rothe, Josh Whitehouse, Mae Whitman and Judy Greer also star, with Rachel Lee Goldenberg in the director's chair.

Spaceship Earth - Hulu

Spaceship Earth

On May 8, Spaceship Earth will be making its way to Hulu. The acclaimed documentary was originally intended for theatrical release, but that got sidelined, given the current situation. Instead, Neon has opted to release the movie via streaming. Or, for those looking for something more unique, it will also be playing at select drive-in theaters around the country. Matt Wolf's documentary covers the 1991 events of a group that embarked on a two-year experiment to quarantine themselves inside Biosphere 2, which was a replica of Earth's ecosystem.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Disney+

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

For those who perhaps didn't catch it in theaters or are looking for a rewatch opportunity, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is now on Disney+. The finale of the Skywalker saga, directed by J.J. Abrams, had already been released on Digital HD and Blu-ray, but was made available on Disney+ in honor of Star Wars Day. So those with a subscription to the streaming service can see how the saga concludes.

Porno - Digital


No, we are not recommending adult entertainment of the filthy variety. At least not the kind that the title suggests. Rather, Porno is a new horror/comedy that has received stellar reviews and, as of May 8, will be available via digital retailers. Directed by Keola Racela, it centers on a group of repressed, religious teenagers who work at their local small-town movie theater in the 1990s. They happen upon a secret screening room brimming with vintage X-rated movies. When they decided to watch one, it releases a succubus named Lilith who looks to seduce each of them in order to steal their souls.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War - Digital

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Warner Bros. tends to deliver the goods when it comes to its animated DC Comics adaptations. For those in need of a little superhero action, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War may well do the trick. Matt Ryan returns as John Constantine in the follow-up to 2017's Justice League Dark. The sequel sees Earth decimated, with the Justice League regrouping to take on Darkseid and save the survivors. Christina Sotta directs the animated feature, which is available on digital platforms now.

How to Build a Girl - Digital

How to Build a Girl

Here we have yet another movie that has been sailing under the radar but has garnered a slew of rave reviews along the way. How to Build a Girl, based on the novel of the same name by Caitlin Morgan, is arriving on digital platforms on May 8. Starring Booksmart breakout Beanie Feldstein, it centers on a teenage girl who, in an attempt to break free from the crowded home she shares with her family, she reinvents herself as a rock music critic who goes by the name of Dolly Wilde, who ascends to the top of the 90s rock scene. Coky Giedroyc directs with Chris O'Dowd and Emma Thompson co-starring.

Mother's Little Helpers - Digital

Mother's Little Helpers

Based on true events, Mother's Little Helpers follows the estranged children of the dying mother as they try to do the right thing by a mother who always did them wrong. The dysfunction runs rampant as the comedic family drama unravels while the siblings say goodbye to their mom... who was never that much of a parent to begin with.

CRSHD - Digital


This inventive, female-driven sex comedy follows college freshman Izzy Alden (Isabelle Barbier) and her two best friends, Anuka (Deeksha Ketkar) and Fiona (Sadie Scott), as they embark on a journey to get Izzy to a "crush party" so she can lose her virginity before the end of the semester. The acclaimed feature film debut of writer/director Emily Cohn, CRSHD tells a hilarious, unique story about navigating the messy ups and downs of life and love in the age of social media.

The Lodge - Hulu

The Lodge

This seemed like a very high-profile, prestige horror flick at one point, but sort of ended up coming and going with hardly a flash in the pan. In any event, The Lodge is now streaming on Hulu and gives horror fans the opportunity to check out the latest from directors Veronika Franz, and Severin Fiala. It centers on a family who sets out on a trip to a remote winter cabin for the holidays. Their father is forced rather suddenly to leave for work. His two children are left with his new girlfriend, Grace in a tense situation. A blizzard leaves them trapped inside as Grace's dark past begins to come to light. The cast includes Riley Keough, Jaeden Martell and Alicia Silverstone.

Arkansas - Digital


This is another interesting release, for several reasons. Arkansas was originally set to make its debut at SXSW in Austin, Texas before the event was canceled. Instead, it will debut on digital platforms on May 5. It serves as the directorial debut of Clark Duke, who viewers may recognize from his roles in Hot Tub Time Machine or The Office. Duke also stars alongside Liam Hemsworth. The two play a pair of drug dealers who end up getting on the wrong side of things with their kingpin boss, played by Vince Vaughn.

Ordinary Love - Digital

Here we have what is likely to be the most critically-acclaimed new release of the week. Ordinary Love is available currently on digital platforms and boasts a 93 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with a cast led by Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville. It centers on a couple Joan and Tom, who have been happily married for years. Joan unexpectedly is diagnosed with breast cancer and the ensuing battle sheds new light on their relationship as they must face the challenges that lie ahead. Lisa Barros D'Sa directed the acclaimed drama.