Another week, another round of new releases that are hitting streaming as theaters largely remain closed in the U.S. and around the world. Luckily, there are still new movies coming out that can offer us all something to do as we look to pass the time until things return to normal. This week's offerings are diverse and should offer all sorts of viewers something to enjoy.

Blumhouse is bringing its latest to premium VOD, instead of waiting to go to theaters. We also have a couple of 2019 hits finally making their way to streaming, some under-the-radar acclaimed new titles, a horror anthology and more. Here are this week's streaming selections.

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You Should Have Left - Digital

You Should Have Left

Blumhouse and Universal Pictures are releasing You Should Have Left on digital platforms starting June 19. This was originally viewed as a theatrical release, and with good reason. It stars Kevin Bacon and was directed by David Koep, marking a reunion as the two previously collaborated on 1999's Stir of Echoes. Based on the novel by Daniel Kehlmann, it sees a couple book a vacation at a stunning home in the Welsh countryside for themselves and their six-year-old daughter, Ella (Avery Essex). What seems like the perfect place to try and repair their relationship at first quickly becomes a nightmare when a sinister force begins to take over. Amanda Seyfriend also stars.

7500 - Amazon Prime Video


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is returning to the screen after a bit of an absence with 7500. Making its way to Amazon Prime Video on June 19, the thriller is directed by Patrick Vollrath. It centers on Tobias, a co-pilot who is starting a seemingly normal trip from Berlin to Paris with Michael, the pilot. Shortly after takeoff, terrorists armed with makeshift knives storm the cockpit, seriously wounding Michael and injuring Tobias. Tobias manages to temporarily fend off the attackers and contacts ground control to plan an emergency landing. However, the hijackers kill a passenger and threaten to kill more innocent people if he doesn't let them back into the cockpit.

Scare Package - Shudder

Scare Package

Debuting on Shudder on June 18, Scare Package is a new horror anthology that previously made a few stops on the festival circuit. It also made its premiere during the most recent episode of The Last Drive-In and seemed to garner quite the reception on social media. The horror/comedy features a wide variety of segments directed by a diverse group of filmmakers. Amongst that group are Noah Segan (Knives Out), Looper}) and Baron Vaughn (Mystery Science Theater 3000), who both make their directorial debuts with their respective segments. Emily Hagins, Anthony Cousins, Chris McInroy, Courtney and Hillary Andujar and Aaron B. Koontz round out the stable of directors.

Saint Frances - Digital

Saint Frances

Saint Frances, the winner of the audience award at SXSW 2019, is available on digital platforms now. It centers on a flailing thirty-four-year-old Bridget (Kelly O'Sullivan) who finally catches a break when she meets a nice guy and lands a much-needed job nannying six-year-old Frances (Ramona Edith-Williams). But an unwanted pregnancy introduces an unexpected complication while, at the same time, she clashes with Frances and struggles to navigate a growing tension between the girl's moms. The movie was directed by Alex Thompson.

Miss Juneteenth - Digital

Miss Juneteenth

Available on digital platforms starting June 19, Miss Juneteenth is the latest from writer/director Channing Godfrey Peoples. It centers on a former beauty queen turned hard-working single mom as she prepares her rebellious teenage daughter for the Miss Juneteenth pageant in the hopes of keeping her from repeating the same mistakes in life that she made. The cast includes Nicole Beharie, Kendrick Sampson and Alexis Chikaeze.

Sniper: Assassin's End - Digital

Sniper: Assassin's End

For those in the mood for an action flick, Sniper: Assassin's End is available on digital platforms now. The sequel in the long-running series is directed by Kaare Andrews. It centers on Special Ops Sniper Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) who has been set-up as the primary suspect for the murder of a foreign dignitary on the eve of signing a high-profile trade agreement with the United States. After narrowly escaping with his life, Brandon realizes that there may be a dark operative working within the government, which leads him to partner up with his father, Sniper Sgt. Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger). They wind up on the run from the CIA, Russian Mercenaries, and a Yakuza-trained assassin with some serious sniper skills.

Babyteeth - Digital


Babyteeth is set to hit digital platforms on June 19 and may well be the most critically-acclaimed new movie available this weekend. Directed by Shannon Murphy, it currently holds an impressive 95 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie centers on a terminally ill teen who upsets her parents when she falls in love with a small-time drug dealer. Eliza Scanlan, Toby Wallace, Ben Mendelsohn and Essie Davis star.

Buffaloed - Hulu


For those who missed this one earlier in the year during its theatrical run, or when it made its debut on VOD, Buffaloed is hitting Hulu on June 18. This is the latest from director Tanya Wexler and features Zoey Deutch in the lead. It sees a woman is desperate to escape her life in Buffalo, New York and finds a way to do just that by becoming a debt collector. Judy Greer and Jai Courtney also star.

Crawl - Hulu and Amazon Prime Video


Here we have a somewhat overlooked creature feature from 2019 making its way to both Hulu and Amazon Prime Video on June 18. Crawl, directed by Alexandre Aja, was a reasonably decent hit, grossing $91 million at the box office, but this alligator flick produced by Sam Raimi finally has a chance to find a much larger audience on streaming. The movie sees a massive hurricane hit Florida. Haley (Kaya Scodelario) ignores evacuation orders to search for her missing father (Barry Pepper). He is gravely injured in the crawlspace of their family home. As the floodwaters rise, they come to find the storm is the least of their concerns.

Ford vs. Ferrari - HBO

Ford vs. Ferrari

On June 20 Ford vs. Ferrari is making its debut on HBO. The box office hit was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars and was directed by James Mangold. It tells the true tale of American automotive designer Carroll Shelby and British race car driver Ken Miles who work, against all odds, to build a revolutionary vehicle for the Ford Motor Co. Together, they intend to compete against the race cars of Enzo Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966. The cast is led by Matt Damon and Christian Bale.