The Street Fighter franchise has been very popular with gamers for decades, but hasn't had much luck outside of the medium. The feature films based on the video games weren't met with warm reception, and our favorite tournament fighters are best left in the video game world. Still, there are those who feel the franchise has much more to offer beyond a fun gaming experience, as an officially-licensed Street Fighter perfume has just been made available for fans of the series to purchase. Promising scents reminiscent of actual battles between Street Fighter characters, this is undoubtedly one of the strangest product tie-ins for the game we've ever seen.

Developed for the boxing company Everlast, two variations of the Street Fighter perfume will be available. They are not designed for one specific character, but rather for the fights (and included special moves) for a few of the franchise's biggest stars. The first perfume, "Hadouken," is named after the blue fireball Ryu likes to throw at his opponents. Inspired by a battle between Ryu and Sagat with Chun-Li facing the winner, the scent is described as having the "strength of citrus and spices united in a powerful and refreshing blow that will electrify this fragrance. Marine chords increase electric charges triggering even more excitement for the final battle."

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The alternate perfume is aptly named "Shoryuken," after another special move performed by Ken. This scent is inspired by a Ken and Balrog brawl, with Cammy set to take on the winner of the fight. They describe this one has having a "powerful wave of heat caused by notes of woods and spices warms this scent. Burning and spicy herbal nuances instigate competition and fire the final battle." As with the other scent, it's not clear how exactly this blend will conjure up images of a street fight with these iconic characters, but if nothing else, at least it comes in a rather interesting container resembling Balrog's boxing glove.

These perfumes will only be available for a limited time, but they are now up for pre-order on the official website. They will make for a fun novelty for fans of the series, even if nobody who buys it actually intends to use it. However, you never know how something will be received, and for all we know, these Street Fighter fragrances will be just the thing you need to spice up your love life. Still, you might be best off not explaining the story behind your new scent, should it manage to attract the attention of someone new in your life.

To help promote these special perfumes is an admittedly awesome video ad, which you can take a look at below. You can also find out more info about the scents, and place your pre-orders, over at the product's official Street Fighter Perfume website.