If a new Street Fighter movie ever gets made, then artist BossLogic wants to see Avengers star Chris Evans as Guile. In some fan art posted to social media, BossLogic depicts Captain America as he would look as the star of a Street Fighter reboot. Complete with the throwback to the tall blonde hair the character boasted in the classic arcade games, the picture is just as amusing as it is awesome. Should a new movie based on the game series come to fruition, the artwork makes a great case for Evans as Guile, and you can see that for yourself below.

Guile is one of many great characters to come from the Street Fighter franchise. Along with karate masters Ken and Ryu, some of the other popular characters include the sumo wrestler E. Honda from Japan, the green monster Blanka from Brazil, the fire-breathing yogi Dhalsim from India, and the mask-wearing, claw-wielding fighter Vega from Spain. Over the years, the Street Fighter franchise would evolve to include many different games across a variety of gaming platforms, but updated versions of all of these classic characters continue to make appearances in new titles. For the most part, they all look the same as well, albeit with more detailed graphics.

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Guile was previously played by Jean Claude Van Damme in the first Street Fighter movie adaptation, which was released in 1994. Directed by Steven E. de Souza, the movie also starred Raul Julia as Bison, Ming-Na Wen as Chun-Li, Damian Chapa as Ken, Kylie Minogue as Cammy, Byron Mann as Ryu and Miguel A. Nunez Jr. as Dee Jay. Based on the plot of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, it tells the story of Guile and his team of fighters foiling the plans of a sinister dictator aspiring the conquer the world using genetic supersoldiers. The movie also spawned a video game adaptation of its own and had moderate success at the box office. It has been criticized as a poor video game movie adaptation, but in the years since, it has developed a cult following.

The franchise returned to theaters in 2009 with the release of the series reboot Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Smallville star Kristin Kreuk starred in the titular role, joined in the cast by Neal McDonough as M. Bison, Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog, Taboo as Vega, Chris Klein as Charlie Nash, and Robin Shou as Gen. The ending of the movie opened the door for a sequel with more characters from the games appearing, alluding to an upcoming "Street Fighter" tournament held by Ryu. Unfortunately, the movie fared much worse than its predecessor by bombing at the box office, putting an end to any potential for continuing the story in a sequel.

As of now, there do not seem to be any plans in Hollywood for a new Street Fighter movie. However, with new movies based on Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat currently in production, it definitely seems possible for the classic Capcom fighting game to make a return to the big screen. The Chris Evans as Guile fan art comes to us from BossLogic on Twitter.