Following the trailer and gag reel released last month, Universal Pictures has debuted a NSFW red band trailer for Stretch that hints at the madness and debauchery contained within director Joe Carnahan's new feature.

Patrick Wilson stars as the title character, who takes a job as a limo driver to pay off his mounting gambling debts to a dangerous bookie. His first client ends up being an eccentric billionaire named Roger, played by Chris Pine, who takes him on a wild ride he'll never forget that includes midgets, "fake stripper titties," a ghost (Ed Helms) that only Stretch can see, a co-worker with a heart of gold (Jessica Alba) and even David Hasselhoff as himself.

Universal Pictures cancelled a theatrical release for Stretch back in January, since the studio didn't want to spend an extra $20 million to $40 million to market the movie, but this R-rated comedy is currently available on VOD formats such as Amazon and iTunes.

CLICK HERE to take a look at the latest footage, which does feature nudity (i.e. "fake stripper titties"), R-rated language and much more.