Star Colin Ferguson and Producers Jamie Paglia and Charlie Craig tell us what viewers can expect for Season Two

A group of geniuses live in the remote town of Eureka researching secret projects for the government.

This July, Season Two of Eureka returns to the Sci Fi channel. The series premiere on July 18, 2006 broke all Sci Fi Channel records and remains the highest rated series in the channel's history. The dramedy is credited with bringing 5 million new viewers to the Sci Fi channel.

Recently, series' star Colin Ferguson (Sheriff Jack Carter), executive producer/co-creator Jaime Paglia and executive producer Charlie Craig sat down to discuss the show and its direction for the Second Season.

Before this show launched what were your expectations?

Colin Ferguson: I'll start off because I was pessimistic. We made the show in a void and even though we're all converts, doing the best show that we can, we really have no clue how it's going to premiere or what it's going to do. When it did come back as favorably as it came back it was a huge sigh of relief for everybody. I think we're all really grateful for it.

Jaime Paglia: I think all of us enjoyed the show last season and ultimately just hoped that other people would find something that they liked too. The fact that they did and they embraced it was really lucky and amazing. A gift, I think.

Charlie Craig: I wasn't here the First Season, so all I can say is almost all shows fail in the First Season. I think anything that survives has proven itself already. I can only imagine how excited these guys were.

Colin, which of the Eureka inventions would you like to get your hands on if all the bugs were worked out of it?

Colin Ferguson: I think there are two of them. This sort of says how self centered I am. Ed Quinn has been asked the same thing and they're all about teleportation and all this stuff. I go back to if I could run really fast; it speaks to the 10 year old boy inside of me. Or, the hoverboard. They're such incidental inventions as far as the show goes... you have all these grandiose inventions, I'm a sucker for a good toy. I think that's what I'd really enjoy.

Are there any inventions that you would never use?

Colin Ferguson: The time travel one... I think that's also part of where the show exists. If the show waited for every invention to be properly researched and safe, then we wouldn't have much of a plot.

Jaime Paglia: I'm pretty sure that I would never use the mind melt machine to read somebody else's thoughts. That's just a bad idea.

Colin Ferguson: There was a brief reference to music downloaded right to your brain. I think anything into your brain is just something you've gotta think about.

What do you think Eureka has that other shows don't?

Colin Ferguson: I was watching one of the shows with my sister the other day. I was sort of turning to her for a fresh perspective and said, "What do you think of this?" And she said she likes the characters; the interaction of the characters within a plot. I think that's what works. They wrote some great, great characters that have relationships between them. To their credit, two seasons in we're still holding that.

Would you like to show more of Jack Carter's past?

Colin Ferguson: Yeah, as long as it fits into the plot that we're telling now. It'd be interesting from a character level, just to see what his past used to be, but he's someone who's leaving his past behind. The guys did an amazing job. In the off season we all got together and we spoke about do we all want to do a Second Season? Was Carter still whining and not wanting to be there? We collectively agreed that it'd be more interesting if over the Second Season he really attempts to embrace the town and embrace his daughter. In that sense, he sort of goes from the guy who you see the town through to an actual character in the town. It'd be interesting to see what his past was, I think as a guy who's leaving that behind, it's in his way enough and I think it plays into his presence enough.

Jaime Paglia: We've definitely layered in storylines that do directly reveal things about Carter's past. One, in particular, that has to do with his daughter, driving lessons. I think that we try to find moments for that here and there, so you are constantly remembering that these are people who have had lives before here. We want to delve into that as much as we can.

Charlie Craig: We've toyed with the idea of a criminal from Charlie's past comes to town and those stories all start to not feel like Eureka stories. They start to feel like other television show type stories. One of the biggest challenges on this show is that we don't want to tell stories that you could have also have told on anything from CSI back to Matlock. If there's not something really particular that makes it a part of this town there's not a point in telling that story.

In a show dealing with inventions, how do you manage to keep the technobabble to a minimum?

Jaime Paglia: I think we want the show to be accessible and fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously. At the same time, we want to be as reality based as we can. So whenever we are talking to our scientists, he gives us the most technical way to say something and then we make it be more accessible... without being inaccurate.

Would you say that Eureka is going to have a darker tone this year?

Jaime Paglia: I would say that it's got a slightly darker tone to that subplot. I don't think that we have lost any of the humor of the show, I think that with... and subsequent episodes there's always going to be the tone that we've established.

Colin Ferguson: I did an interview last week, there was someone on set, someone goes, "Is the show going to be darker this year?" I go, "Oh no, I think it's actually lighter this year." He starts laughing and says, "I just got done watching an interview with Ed Quinn who said it's going darker." It's one of those shows that has so many different tones to it, there's definitely more humor in it this year, so it's hard to quantify.

Eureka Season Two begins Tuesday, July 10 at 9:00 pm ET/PT on the Sci Fi Channel.

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