Paul Finch's novel Stronghold is being adapted into a feature film by Amber Entertainment, in conjunction with the UK's Rebellion Publishing. According to Variety, this medieval thriller which pits zombies against knights will be directed by Jason Kingsley.

Tom Fickling will adapt the screenplay, which follows a group of Welsh rebels who rely on their druid magic to bring forth an army of the undead, thus using these reanimated corpses to fight off the tyranny of their English oppressors. The hero of the movie is a young knight who goes against his ruler's wishes in order to save the daughter of his enemy, lost amidst an unrelenting torrent of revenge-fueled zombies.

About mixing zombies within a medieval setting, Rebellion Publishing's Jason Kingsley stated, "We think that the zombies are great fun...And we think this project is a great way to get into business with Amber."

There is no production start date set for Stronghold at this time.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange