Indiana Jones 4: According to MovieHole, Australian screenwriter Stuart Beattie has been hired to rework the fourth Indiana Jones movie.

According to loyal scooper 'Accountant', The Pirates of the Caribbean writer - he penned the screen story - was hired by Lucasfilm pretty much based on the success of that film. He's currently at work on a re-write of the newest script, with suggestions the film still might be ready for a release sometime in 2005.

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Earlier this year, Frank Darabont was let go from the production after turning in a sequel script that didn't meet up "to either of the uber-beard's standards".

"With Beattie now attached to re-write and everything looking a lot better everyone's trying to clear their dates again - Ford, Lucas, Spielberg, Connery. Karen Allen and Kate Capshaw are part of the storyline too. Lots of reshuffling going on".

Beattie is currently also working on Mikael Håfström's Derailed.

Thanks to 'Clint'