An interesting story is developing around the set of The Grudge 2. Apparently, student filmmaker Jason Cutler was allowed by Sony to come to Tokyo and shoot his senior thesis about the making of this film. It seems that he got to Tokyo, started shooting footage in and around the set, and compiled various talking head footage with the cast and crew. Cutler even managed to capture the actors in some highly candid moments and had begun blogging about his experiences online. Everything was going fine and then after five posts, Jason Cutler turned up missing.

Now apparently Cutler's roommate, who police only listed in their reports as ScottieK49, has actually been trying to find his friend (he even went so far as to pick up where Jason left off in his blog). It is unclear where Jason Cutler's parents are in all of this, and when questioned, members of the cast and crew of The Grudge 2 seem to acknowledge that he was in Tokyo shooting footage, but that they hadn't seen him in a while. It had been assumed that Cutler had gotten all the assets that he needed, and was now returning to the US to put it all together for his aforementioned senior thesis. When we tried to get in touch with his camera operator, the production office of The Grudge 2 could give us no information. It seems Cutler had contacted the operator via the internet and had arranged everything outside of The Grudge 2 production. When asked how Jason Cutler, a filmmaker with no credits to his name was able to gain access to the set of this movie, nobody in the production office seemed to have any explanations.

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In an effort to help find Jason, Sony has made his roommate's blog available at so that anyone, if they have any information about Jason's whereabouts, can get in touch to help in the investigation. It seems that Cutler's roommate has been going through all of his footage and his logistical information from Tokyo. He seems to be trying to create a timeline of events that might explain where Jason went before he disappeared. Sadly, you can't actually contact the roommate via the blog, even though it is still active and he's continuing to post information.

One of the interesting points of note from the blog is that it seems Cutler was staying in the Gyokuro Hotel then he moved over to the Ikebana Hotel for two days. As nobody was with him when he did this, and it doesn't seem like Cutler's roommate found any video footage explaining this sudden location change, we have no explanation for why this occurred. One of the theories is that Cutler may have been involved with some people in Tokyo, and he ultimately disappeared with them, but based on his production footage that doesn't make sense. He seemed more than eager to cover the shooting of The Grudge 2 and, based on the footage he'd shot, had captured many interesting moments on tape.

Another point in the roommate's blog is him mentioning some erratic behavior from Jason. Apparently, Cutler shot some footage of himself that the roommate found before he turned all this information over to authorities. Here is an excerpt from his blog:

"This morning I watched 60 minutes of nothing but Jason pointing the camera at his bathroom mirror. He didn't say anything, he just stood there rolling tape."

While covering this story we had resisted looking into any "supernatural" causes for Jason Cutler's disappearance. It just didn't seem like an avenue to go down, but as the clues on the roommates blog continued to become more and more disjointed, we began wondering if perhaps there might not be something to the "supernatural" theory. We're not saying that that's definitely what happened, the investigation is still on going, but there's some footage of The Grudge 2 star Amber Tamblyn (and other actors like Matthew Knight), that certainly seem to suggest that there was something about the set, an in making The Grudge 2 in particular, that was getting to them.

During her interview, Tamblyn seems both distracted and nervous. She even says that she's "ready to be done" with this film and even talks about "this experience" being "tiring." Then, during her interview the light seems to come in and out in the room. After this, Tamblyn is very on edge and mentions being the "only one left here. Everybody's gone... I'm just kind of alone." Then, one of Cutler's lights seems to explode, and as the camera moves around a bit, a dark, oval-like image seems to appear on the wall behind Tamblyn. After this she abruptly leaves the room.

We're continuing to follow this story as more information becomes available. The fact that Sony has only posted the roommate's blog, and not gone public with more information about the disappearance of Jason Cutler, is also odd. It would seem if more people knew that he had vanished (and if they knew the circumstances), more information would turn up and they would, hopefully, find him quicker. We will certainly keep you updated as we get more information on this evolving story.

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