Sumner Redstone, already reeling from plummeting shares of his Viacom and CBS businesses and involved in a public fight with his daughter Shari, who operates his motion picture theater chain, National Amusements, confirmed Tuesday that he is divorcing his wife, Paula Fortunato. "While this is a difficult decision for both of us," Redstone said, "we remain close and supportive friends and are committed to each other's continued happiness and success." Although holding no formal position with Redstone's companies, Fortunato was regarded as highly influential in his business decisions. In 2006, he acknowledged that his decision to sever his ties with Tom Cruise was partly the result of Fortunato's comments about Cruise's behavior.


NBC "accidentally" deleted the second half of the title of the film Zack and Miri Make a Pornoduring an ad that ran on Saturday Night Livelast weekend, Chicago Tribunecolumnist Marc Caro reported today (Wednesday). The film's director, Kevin Smith, told Caro that the ad without the words "Make a Porno," had originally been prepared for NBC's Monday Night Football telecast, after the NFL objected to them. Smith added that the "Weinstein Co. accidentally serviced that ad to SNLas well -- arguably the only network show that would've been okay with the unedited 'Make a Porno' title." Smith pointedly noted that while the NFL demands "family-friendly" ads, it has no problems with erectile dysfunction ads.


William Shatner, miffed about not being cast as Captain Kirk in the forthcoming Star Trekmovie scheduled to be released next May, has responded to fellow cast member George Takei's public criticism of him and his publicly announced decision not to invite Shatner to his marriage to his longtime partner last month. Takei has said in interviews that Shatner displayed a massive ego on the set of the original Star Trek series to the point of pressuring directors to show close-ups of him while other characters were speaking. In an interview posted on his website, Shatner says that he rarely saw Takei during Star Trekproductions. "I literally don't know him," he said. "He'd come in for a day or two as evidenced by the part he played. ... But he has continued to speak badly about me for all these years. ... I presume he can remember all of these terrible things I must have done when I said hello or something to him. ... Why would he go out of his way to denigrate me? And it's sad that the man can't find enough peace in his life to be positive and say, 'I forgive him for whatever those hurts were' -- or to shut up about it. As I said, I feel nothing but pity for him."


007 star Daniel Craig has expressed concern that MGM may not be able to raise the cash to produce another James Bond movie any time soon, given the current credit crunch. In an interview with the London Daily Mirror, Craig said. "As far as the next film's concerned, there is nothing scheduled. ... Economically the world is in quite a lot of trouble so who knows if we can afford to do another Bond movie anytime soon."


The embassies of nine European countries are expanding their cooperative European Movies Project to Dubai, after a successful run since 2001 in the neighboring UAE state of Abu Dhabi, organizers announced today (Wednesday). Saying that the Project will allow residents of Dubai to view movies that go "beyond Hollywood and Bollywood" and represent "something that you would not normally see here," Swiss Embassy Counselor Andreas Maager said that the European Movies Project plans to screen 14 movies at a shopping-mall theater in Dubai on Tuesday nights between October 28 and June 9. Prints will also be bicycled to theaters in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi for screenings on Saturday and Sunday nights respectively. A single pass good for admission to all 14 films is being sold for the equivalent of about $50 at the theaters screening them and also at the Swiss consulate general in Dubai and the Swiss embassy in Abu Dhabi.