Pioneering cable newsman Eason Jordan says he is launching a website, IraqSlogger.com, next week that will attempt to provide "nonpartisan" information about the war in Iraq principally from Iraqi natives. Jordan joined CNN in 1982 and was its chief news executive when he suddenly quit in 2003 after a storm of controversy over his remarks that some journalists who were killed in Iraq had been targeted by the U.S. Jordan told Editor and Publisherthat his goal was to create a website that would present information about the war with no "political slant." A "beta" site offers links to mainstream media publications and under-reported accounts of such issues as the growing kidnapping of American contractors. E&Pdescribed the website as "a one-stop-shopping clearinghouse for nonpartisan information" about the conflict.


Katie Couric's editorial choices as managing editor of the CBS Evening Newswere being blamed today (Thursday) for the continued erosion of the program's ratings. Rachel Sklar, the media writer for Arianna Huffington's liberal blog, The Huffington Post, observed that on Wednesday night, while NBC Nightly News with Brian Williamswas leading with a report on South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson's apparent stroke -- and the possibility that it could result in a Republican being named to replace him, thereby putting the Senate back in Republican control -- Couric was leading with a story about holiday shopping. Commented Sklar: "This is not a one-off choice -- someone had to have adjudged holiday shopping as a better lead-in for the news than the possible surprise upset in the Senate, and as managing editor of the CBS Evening News Couric ought to have seen why that was the less significant and compelling story."


NBCS Heroes, landed a Golden Globe nomination for best TV drama in its first season. It will be competing against ABCՕs

Greys Anatomy and Lost, FoxՕs 24, and HBOs Big Love. Another newcomer, ABCՕs Ugly Betty, received a Golden Globe nod for best comedy. It will be competing against NBCs The Office, ABCՕs Desperate Housewives, HBOs Entourage, and ShowtimeՕs Weeds.


NBC has denied that Zach, the young superhero played by Thomas Dekker on Heroes is gay, despite the fact that on his MySpace webpage he describes his sexual orientation as "not sure." The issue had been raised by the gay-oriented blog afterelton.com. However, at least one other blog has noted that Dekkar has been signed to costar in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, based on the Terminator film franchise and that his character is likely to be written out of the story line. Meanwhile, Heroes creator Tom Kring is quoted in the gay magazine The Advocate as fending off the speculation about Zach's sexual orientation. Kring sent out an email message to websites where the claims appeared saying, "We apologize for misleading the audience and wish that we could have handled things better on our end. But making a TV show is often a very imprecise business. As you stated, Heroes is a big sprawling drama, and there is no reason to believe that a gay character will not be represented on our show in the future. It is my hope that if we do, we do it with honesty and dignity."