According to The Hollywood Reporter, with the TV-DVD business still on its explosive growth curve, studios are pumping out new seasons of old and new shows on a steady basis. So what happens when they run out of seasons, as they inevitably will? Judging from two recent product announcements, the answer appears to be elaborate gift sets containing the entire series, pitched to die-hard fans at high price points.

Warner Home Video is preparing a massive, complete-season package of Friends DVDs to arrive in stores Nov. 15, the same day the 10th and final season arrives in a four-disc set. Friends: The One With All Ten Seasons, priced at $299.98, features all 229 episodes on 40 discs -- a total of 110 hours of programming. It comes in a limited-edition collectable case that's also available separately by mail for fans who have been collecting individual season sets. The mail-in offer will be promoted inside the Season 10 DVD set, which comes with a 43-minute gag reel of bloopers from the final season as well as the first five seasons.