VHS players are still around but DVD players dominate.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, they report that DVD has "entered the mature phase." Apparently, "a new study shows that more U.S. households now own DVD players than VCRs."

According to Nielsen Media Research's Third Quarter Home Technology Report "as of the third quarter of this year, 81.2% of all households have at least one DVD player, while 79.2% of households have a VCR."

In addition to this, "DVD penetration is up 6% from the previous year and continues to grow, according to Nielsen, while VCR penetration is declining." Niellsen "began tracking DVD ownership" in 1999, and at that point "DVD penetration stood at 6.7%, while 88.6% of all U.S. households had VCRs."

Lastly, the report "also found that DVD households rent DVDs about twice a month, while VCR households rent videocassettes only once a month."