The new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, isn't having the best luck with its cars. According to Associated Press, a stuntman was seriously injured in a car accident on the set of Quantum of Solace in Limone sul Garda, Italy. He was taken by helicopter to Verona where he underwent surgery and remains in serious condition.

The experienced stunt driver crashed an Alfa Romeo into a wall during a chase scene with a truck and Bond's Aston Martin while driving along the Gardensana, a famous, windy road with panoramic views. A second stuntman in the same car also suffered minor injuries. The identities of both stuntmen were not released.

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A statement was released that said, "Filming with the second unit on Quantum of Solace will be suspended while the accident is investigated." It noted that neither director Marc Forster, Daniel Craig nor any other cast members were at the location when the accident occurred.

The accident was the second auto-involved accident in less than a week on the set. On Saturday, an Aston Martin that was being delivered to the set, skidded off the road due to heavy rain and into Lake Garda. No one was injured.