Just one day after Stephen King's IT adaptation broke box office records with a massive $123.4 million, another one of the author's iconic stories will be heading to the big screen. Stephen King's Suffer the Little Children is being developed as a movie adaptation, with Sean Carter (Keep Watching) being set to write and direct. Craig Flores, Nicolas Chartier and Sriram Das have been attached to produce. No production schedule has been given, but with the blockbuster release of IT, it could be the catalyst for a number of Stephen King adaptations getting started. Here's what Sean Carter had to say in a statement.

"The Stephen King aesthetic has been imprinted into my psyche since I was a teenager, and Suffer the Little Children fits right into that classic King paradigm: a tragically flawed lead character put into a shockingly unimaginable scenario. It's a tiny peek into a mythology that I can't wait to expand into a full-length movie."

Deadline broke the news earlier today, with this story first published in 1972, although it is best known as being part of Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes short story collection that was published in 1993. The story followed a female school teacher coming off a divorce, who notices some disturbing traits in her first grade students. She notices that there is a new texture under her students' skin, while there also appears to be a conspiracy in how they all play together in certain patterns. The school teacher must determine if she's just being too paranoid, or there really is a conspiracy involving her students. Here's what producer Craig Flores had to say in his statement.

"Stephen King is one of today's most prolific storytellers, and the concepts that he conjures immediately spark curiosity and a desire to follow him down the rabbit hole."

Stephen King revealed in an interview, while promoting his highly-anticipated IT movie, that he hopes his next movie adaptation is Lisey's Story, which is the 69-year-old author's favorite story of his. IT director also has his sights set on a remake of Pet Sematary along with an adaptation of the author's short story Jaunt. Whether or not those projects will ever see the light of day remains to be seen, but it wouldn't be surprising to see more of the author's work being adapted for the big screen in the near future.

Craig Flores is producing through his Bread & Circuses Entertainment company, who is also developing yet another Stephen King adaptation, Rose Madder, which has Assaf Bernstein set to direct. Nicolas Chartier will produce through his Voltage Picutres company, with Sriram Das producing through his Das Films, with that company's JJ Meyers serving as a co-producer. Sean Carter makes his feature directorial debut with Keep Watching, which stars Bella Thorne, Natalie Martinez, Ioan Gruffudd and Chandler Riggs, with Screen Gems distributing. The filmmaker also received a filmmaking grant from Martin Scorcese, with his most recent short film, entitled Culebra screening at Slamdance and other prominent film festivals.