With the success of fans in getting the Snyder Cut of Justice League greenlit, the demand has increased for other director's cuts of movies that famously suffered from executive meddling. First on the list is 2016's Suicide Squad made by David Ayer. Now, a major name has thrown their weight behind the demand for the 'Ayer Cut' and it is none other than Guardians of the Galaxy alum who is going to be rebooting the Suicide Squad franchise, James Gunn, as he confirmed via Twitter.

"I'd be okay with whatever @DavidAyerMovies & Warners wanted to release with that no problem."
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With the single statement, Gunn has put to rest any rumors of ill will between him and Ayer over Warner Bros. replacing the latter with the former at the helm of The Suicide Squad. Ayer acknowledged the support with a response tweet in which he expressed his excitement over watching Gunn's take on the team of supervillains.

"James, I really appreciate that, however this crazy ride unfolds. You're good people and no lie - I can't wait to see your take on these characters - you're a master filmmaker."

In response, James Gunn replied with "I feel the same way about you, man". Clearly, any rivalry between the two filmmakers was all in the heads of fans. Ironically, the imagined rivalry had been a result of Ayer's own behavior while promoting Suicide Squad when he had joined fans in chanting 'Fuck Marvel' during a press meet. Hardly a sentiment that would be appreciated by Gunn, who is seen as a cornerstone of the MCU.

But all of that seems to be matters of the past, even as the shadow of the 'Ayer Cut' looms over the horizon. Ayer has confirmed that his cut of the film would be better than what audiences saw in theaters, and would be easy to complete. It remains to be seen if the director can gather enough support for Warner Bros. to greenlight the 'Ayer Cut' next.

Meanwhile, James Gunn is planning to take the Suicide Squad in a new direction with a soft reboot of sorts. Margot Robbie will be returning to the role of Harley Quinn, but she will be joined by an almost entirely new roster of villains, including Ratcatcher, King Shark, Peace Maker, and Polka Dot Man. Idris Elba is said to be replacing Will Smith as Deadshot though as an entirely knew character in case Smith ever decideds to return in a future movie. While Bane is also rumored to be joining the franchise.

Then there is the third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy, which is in its last stages of completion. Gunn has stated it will be his last project within the MCU, at least for now, so fans are eager to see how the filmmaker will finish off his run with the gang of space Avengers. The fact that Thor might be joining the Guardians on their final adventure has added to the excitement over the movie's release.