It looks like we may finally know when Suicide Squad 2 is actually going to start filming. Even though the first Suicide Squad made a ton of money, it's been a little difficult to get the sequel going. Much of that having to do with Warner Bros.' own decision making in regards to the future of the DCEU. In any case, it looks like they're still going to make a Suicide Squad sequel and it's likely to start filming in October of 2018.

Previously, it was reported that Suicide Squad 2, which is going to be directed by Gavin O'Connor (The Accountant), was slated to start production in March. However, that has shifted and is very likely thanks to Will Smith's very busy schedule. He's been working on Disney's live-action Aladdin, which is being directed by Guy Ritchie and, also according to this new report, he's been filming Gemini Man, which is helmed by Ang Lee. That movie is expected to wrap filming in July, which will give Smith a little break before having to shoot Suicide Squad 2.

Assuming this production start is accurate, that means Suicide Squad 2, which doesn't currently have a release date, could wind up ready for release in 2019, but is more likely to arrive in theaters in early 2020. Currently, Warner Bros. is gearing up to shoot Shazam, which is aiming for an April 2019 release. Wonder Woman 2 will also shoot next year and has locked down a December 2019 release. That doesn't leave a lot of room for Suicide Squad 2. So expect it in early 2020.

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Despite divisiveness among fans and terrible critical reception, Suicide Squad made $745 million at the worldwide box office and, to the chagrin of many, even won an Oscar. With that in mind, a sequel was always going to happen, even with the terrible critical reception. But with the recent shakeup at Warner Bros. in regards to how they're going to handle the DC movies moving forward, which was in response to Justice League underperforming, they're not likely to repeat the same mistakes. Though, we can't rule out the possibility of them making brand new ones.

Margot Robbie has stated that she'll suit up again as Harley Quinn next year, but it's been very unclear which project that will be for. As Omega Underground notes in their report, it's a safe bet that movie will be Suicide Squad 2, as it was recently included in Warner Bros. updated slate of DCEU movies. None of the other Harley Quinn projects, such as Birds of Prey, were included in the updated slate. As for what Suicide Squad 2 is going to be about? That has yet to be revealed, but rumor has it we could see Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam finally show up as a villain in the movie. Beyond that, we'll have to wait and see what Gavin O'Connor has in store for us.

Ryan Scott