Back in March, we reported that actress Jada Pinkett Smith will not be back as Fish Mooney in Season 2 of Fox's superhero TV series Gotham, which is currently in production. As it turns out, though, the actress has her eye on another DC Comics character, Vixen, who she'd like to play in a sequel to the upcoming Suicide Squad. Here's what she had to say to MTV UK, while promoting Magic Mike XXL, about possibly co-starring with her husband Will Smith in Suicide Squad 2.

"There's a character that I love in the DC World, her name is Vixen. Probably haven't heard much of her. She's kind of in that Suicide Squad world as well. I love Vixen. If there was any character, I would love to play her. I'm going to have to put my little word in with the director... Vixen for Suicide Squad 2."
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Of course, her husband Will Smith plays Deadshot in the upcoming Suicide Squad, but with production still under way on the DC superhero movie, no plans have been announced for a sequel quite yet. We'll have to wait and see how Suicide Squad fares at the box office when it hits theaters next August, but if it performs well, then a follow-up certainly isn't out of the question. Do you think Jada Pinkett Smith should play Vixen in Suicide Squad 2?