James Gunn has revealed the latest logo for The Suicide Squad. Additionally, he also promises more information later this month during DC FanDome. Today is Gunn's 54th birthday and he's celebrating by giving DC fans something to get excited about. The director is a frequent social media user, where he interacts with fans often. Gunn is usually the one to set the record straight in regard to rumors and gossip, whether it be through calling it out directly or leaving a sarcastic remark.

The latest logo is written in red with a yellow background, which gives it a comic book-like feel. The Suicide Squad logo is riddled with bullet holes and shows signs of cracking. James Gunn shared the logo across different languages too, all of them looking the same. He writes, "The Suicide Squad team just got me these amazing new official title treatments for my birthday today. And the cast and I have so much more to show you guys on Aug 22 at DCFanDome.com. See you there!"

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James Gunn has been hard at work on the post-production phase of The Suicide Squad since around March. He was lucky enough to finish principal photography before the world shut down and has the luxury of being able to work on the movie from home. With that being said, many were hoping that San Diego Comic-Con would be where the first teaser dropped, but hopes were dashed once DC announced their own event for later in August. Now, DC fans are hoping that Gunn will deliver the goods at DC FanDome, which could very well happen.

In addition to The Suicide Squad, James Gunn also has Guardians of the Galaxy 3 on the horizon. The screenplay has been finished for quite some time and the long-awaited sequel will reportedly be able to begin production without any delays. We don't know when production is set to start, but Gunn recently told Marvel Cinematic Universe fans that, as of this writing, there are no more further delays. The movie should have been done and in the can already, but Disney briefly fired Gunn from the project back in 2018. It's believed that the movie would be on hold, just like everything else at the moment.

The Suicide Squad is heading back to the comic books for inspiration. James Gunn is a big fan of the comics and has promised a movie that will reflect that when all is said and done. He has amassed a hefty cast with a ton of characters, some of which have yet to be officially identified. It looks like Gunn has taken some of his experience in keeping secrets from the MCU camp over to DC and Warner Bros., since most information is being kept under wraps. You can check out the latest logos from The Suicide Squad above, thanks to James Gunn's Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick