After the box office success of Suicide Squad in 2016, DC and Warner Bros. were eager to out a sequel, announcing Suicide Squad 2 shortly after the first movie's release. Unfortunately, things aren't looking great for Suicide Squad fans as the production of the sequel has reportedly been delayed a year.

Even though Suicide Squad was a box office success, it did not land well with critics, earning itself a low score of 27% on Rotten Tomatoes. People connected to the sequel have stated that DC and Warner Bros. are eager to get it things right this time around. One of the biggest issues with the first Suicide Squad was how rushed everyone was to put it out. For example, writer and director David Ayer was reportedly only given 6 weeks to write the script for the movie, which is certainly not enough time to fully develop a feature-length screenplay.

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Suicide Squad 2 was originally slated to shoot this fall, but according to Variety's Justin Kroll, this will be changing. Based on Kroll's insight, here is what he had to say.

"As for Suicide Squad 2, clearly moving out of 2018 shoot. The move to go with [Birds of Prey] not only had a lot to do with [Christina Hodson]'s script, but also the idea of doing with Batgirl what Marvel did with Black Panther in [Captain America: Civil War] by introducing them into universe before giving them [their] own film."

The decision appears to have been made to speed up the production of DC's Birds of Prey. It was announced earlier today that Cathy Yan was attached to direct the project, with Margot Robbie set to produce and star. The current status of Birds of Prey is apparently more promising at the moment than Suicide Squad 2, and would be a great way to set up the beloved character Batgirl before she gets her own solo film, so it is understandable why Birds of Prey would take Suicide Squad 2's filming slot.

This doesn't mean that Suicide Squad 2 is off the table for DC, however, as it is reportedly still set to shoot in 2019, with an estimated 2020 release. While this might disappoint many fans who have been anxious to see the Suicide Squad sequel, this may actually be a good thing. Now DC and Warner Bros. will have an extra year to make sure that the script, story, cast, and crew for the movie are perfect.

In addition, Suicide Squad fans won't be completely out of luck, as Birds of Prey will feature Harley Quinn as one of the main characters. Considering that Harley Quinn was one of the better parts of Suicide Squad, we are optimistic that Birds of Prey will be a proper substitute for Suicide Squad 2, and possibly even help set up where we will see these anti-heroes when we see them again in 2020.

While the information reported by Justin Kroll on Twitter has yet to be officially confirmed by DC or Warner Bros., there's a good chance that it is true based on the Birds of Prey announcements earlier today. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction for the DC Extended Universe, and that it will result in a much better finished product for the Suicide Squad sequel.