Months before Suicide Squad hit theaters, rumors started to pour in that Warner Bros. and DC Films were already to go with Suicide Squad 2, which many believe to be one of the newly announced untitled DC movies hitting theaters on either October 5, 2018 or November 1, 2019. While neither of those dates have been officially announced as the home to this impending sequel, director David Ayer has indicated that he wants to come back. And he even has story ideas in place, which should come as no surprise, as the first Suicide Squad does end on a bit of a cliffhanger.

While the critics certainly haven't been kind to Suicide Squad, it broke August box office records, having pulled in $133.6 domestic since its release in Thursday previews last week, arriving with a worldwide tally of $266.9 million after just one weekend. It's a hit, and perhaps a blockbuster at that. We definitely haven't seen or heard the last of Task Force X. While David Ayer undoubtedly wants to come back, he has not been confirmed as the director of Suicide Squad 2 at this time. That doesn't mean he doesn't already have a plan mapped out on how to move forward. Perhaps for the better.

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If you've seen the movie, you know how it ends. The Squad are returned to their prison cells. Life goes back to normal. Then The Joker smashes into Belle Reve to retrieve his beloved Harley Quinn and set off into the sunset on another adventure. Ayer has confirmed with Collider that the movie was always supposed to end on this open-ended note. And that it makes for a good segue into a sequel was intentional.

"We shot that during the first week of photography... I don't want to give stuff away but it's that anything is possible, and that's the thing, for as much control and commend Amanda Waller has over these guys, at the end of the day they're supervillains and they're gonna do supervillain stuff. Plus, the Joker/Harley relationship just seemed like the right button for the movie, it opens so many doors if another one of these were ever to turn up under a rock somewhere."

In the weeks leading up to the release of Suicide Squad, it was reported that Harley Quinn was getting her own standalone movie that might even feature Batgirl, Batwoman, and the Birds of Prey. The Joker is also rumored to get his own movie, or will perhaps appear in the confirmed Batman standalone reboot starring, directed and co-written by Ben Affleck. As for now though, with Suicide Squad getting an even lower rotten score (26%) than Batman V Superman (27%) on Rotten Tomatoes, Warner Bros. and DC Films probably don't know which way to turn yet. Which is why we probably haven't heard which two movies are going to occupy those vacant DC release date slots. In terms of creating the script for Suicide Squad 2, David Ayer says this.

"There may be a cocktail napkin with some scribbles on it somewhere..."

Who knows when we'll officially hear Suicide Squad 2 announced. Wonder Woman will be the next DCEU film unleash upon the ticket buying public. It arrives June 2, 2017. And we can assure you, there will be a lot of tinkering with the film done in that time to insure it doesn't arrive under the same scrutiny as Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad. Following that WWI superhero adventure, the studio will release the epic ensemble Justice League on November 17, 2017. And that will be the real test as to where this massive movie franchise goes next.