Ever since Warner Bros. confirmed that the "Snyder cut" of Justice League will be coming to HBO Max next year, fans have been breathlessly wondering which other director's cut of various movies will be announced next. A prominent candidate is filmmaker David Ayer's cut of 2016's Suicide Squad. But when a publication recently reported that the "Ayer cut" is indeed coming to HBO Max soon, Ayer took to Twitter to debunk the statement with two simple words.

"Not true."
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Amusingly, even though David Ayer himself debunked the rumor, the publication that first made the claim continues to stand by its statement, responding beneath Ayer's tweet that "we trust our sources and are standing by them" because apparently, their "sources" know the state of the "Ayer cut" better than Ayer himself.

While the "Snyder Cut" was necessitated by the fact that the 2017 theatrical version of Justice League was made after Snyder left the project owing to a family emergency, David Ayer's take on Suicide Squad, according to the filmmaker himself, was heavily interfered with by the studio to mimic the success of Deadpool.

"This [Comic-Con] trailer nailed the tone and intention of the film I made. Methodical. Layered. Complex, beautiful and sad. After the BVS reviews shell shocked the leadership at the time, and the success of Deadpool - My soulful drama was beaten into a 'comedy.'"

The Comic-Con trailer for Suicide Squad that Ayer mentions had fans hyped due to its promise of a gritty and raw take on the comic series. Instead, what audiences got to see in theaters was a disjointed narrative, characters that came in and out of the movie with no impact on the plot, and jokes that were more cringey than hilarious.

Ever since the existence of the "Snyder Cut" was confirmed by Warner, Ayer has been frequently hyping up his cut of Suicide Squad on social media and encouraging fans to demand that the studio allow him to present the "Ayer Cut" to the world. But it seems, according to his latest Tweet, that the #ReleasetheAyercut movement has not yet gained enough traction to sway Warner.

Still, while the "Ayer Cut" might not see the light of day anytime soon, the essence of that movie is going to be visible in the upcoming soft-reboot of the franchise under James Gunn, titled The Suicide Squad. In an interview with Empire, Gunn noted that his movie owes a great deal to the world Ayer built with his 2016 film.

"Listen, David Ayer's gotten trouble for [Suicide Squad]. I know it didn't come out how David wanted it to come out. But he did one really, really great thing, and that is he picked fantastic actors to work with, and he dealt with these actors in building their characters in a really deep and fearless way. It's something David definitely deserves to be lauded for, and it's definitely added to this movie."

Perhaps once Gunn's movie releases and the buzz surrounding the project eventually cools off, Warner will finally allow Ayer to present the world with his authentic take on 2016's Suicide Squad.