It seems the Snyder Cut release has opened the door for another DCEU extended edition. David Ayer may well get to release his intended version of Suicide Squad, as talks are said to be taking place between the filmmaker and the studio to make this happen. While this would probably be a long way off, fans may well get to see what Ayer originally had in mind for Task Force X and Jared Leto's Joker.

We must caution that, until this is confirmed at the studio level, this should merely be regarded as a rumor for the time being. That said, according to a new report, Warner Bros. has begun discussions to release the so-called Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad. Much like Zack Snyder's Justice League, it's expected that, should this come to pass, the new cut would be released on HBO Max as an exclusive to help attract subscribers to the recently-launched streaming service. Following the Snyder Cut announcement, fans rallied online to have Ayer put together his original cut of the 2016 DC Comics adaptation. For various reasons, this idea has seemingly caught on.

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For one, streaming services rely on premium, exclusive content to attract subscribers. With Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and others now on the market, HBO Max needs to set itself apart. DC is one of the strongest brands at its disposal. David Ayer has also taken to social media to express his interest in putting together his cut of Suicide Squad and has even revealed that it is close to finished. This is an important distinction that could make this a viable project.

The Snyder Cut is going to require an investment of $30 million or more from Warner Bros. to get it release-ready. What exists is a rough assembly cut that needs a great deal of visual effects work and possibly even reshoots to bring Zack Snyder's vision to life. On the other side, David Ayer's version of Suicide Squad was finished and is said to have been shown to test audiences ahead of the theatrical release in 2016. But Warner Bros. recut the movie, making significant changes, leading to the version audiences saw in theaters, which was largely rejected by critics.

Even so, Suicide Squad was quite successful, bringing in $746 million globally against a $175 million budget. Justice League lost money, which again makes these situations quite different. James Gunn is currently in post-production on The Suicide Squad, a follow-up to the 2016 release that is said to be a soft reboot of sorts. Gunn even recently said he would be perfectly fine with Warner Bros. releasing Ayer's cut before the sequel hits theaters. Taking everything into account, considering the seemingly minimal investment the studio would need to make in order for this to become a reality, don't be surprised to hear an official announcement in the future. This news comes to us via DCEU Mythic.