Fans don't seem to be too into the April Fools' Day jokes this year. While Mark Hamill tried to punk Star Wars lovers earlier this morning, they just weren't having it. And now Jared Leto has disappointed followers with his big Joker reveal for the spring holiday. Suicide Squad fans were asked to tweet #JokerWasHere in an April Fools' Day social media campaign. But the results proved to be less than exciting for some.

Those eager to tweet out the hashtag thought we'd be getting new Suicide Squad footage. Perhaps a clip that featured the Joker? Maybe a new TV spot? Something? Anything? Nope, instead, actor Jared Leto played everyone by instead releasing a strange home video, which shows his Joker with a beard.

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The bearded Joker will not be showing up in Suicide Squad as far as we know. Or will he? The movie is currently undergoing reshoots to add more humor into this superhero adventure. Is a bearded Joker part of these reshoots? It's also possible that the actor could be teasing his new look for Justice League Part 1. Though, he's never been confirmed to appear in this epic ensemble. It does start shooting in just 10 days. Here's what The Joker had to say for himself.

"Exclusive! Meet the bearded JOKER! Guess what? Batman is dead. BwwahahahaaaaaaaHAA!!!"

Even if this is just the actor goofing around, it is cool to hear his horrifying grunts, which sound like a baboon ready to attack its prey. It's possible that this is just the first wave in the #JokerWasHere social media campaign. More could be on the way soon. We'll have to wait and see.

The video does come as a pretty good indication that Jared Leto is not part of the Suicide Squad reshoots happening this week. The extra footage being shot will add more jokes and humor to the movie, while beefing up some of the character interactions. It was speculated that The Joker was not part of this process, as he is hardly in the movie, only showing up in the third act. No one from Warner Bros. or DC has confirmed any of this, though. So, perhaps a bearded Joker will be making his way to the big screen soon. If that's the case, take a look.