Okay, we get it. Jared Leto is a method actor. Which means he is staying in character as The Joker during the entire production of Suicide Squad. And it seems he's taking the role to extremes. Which lines up with everything we've previously heard from his co-stars. Adam Beach, who plays Slipknot in the DC Comics adventure, continues the legacy of Jared Leto's bizarre behavior on set. Speaking with E! Online, the actor explains that Jared Leto sent some creepy, and quite unexpected gifts to the main cast. He wanted to assure them that, even though he may be leaving his body for awhile to let a mad man inhabitant, that insane Joker is giving it his all. Adam Beach explains.

"He sent [Margot Robbie] a nice love letter with a black box with a rat in it-a live rat. It was beautiful. Then he sent bullets to Will [Smith] with a letter, and a dead hog...Basically, what he said was, 'Guys, I can't be there but I want you to know I'm doing my work as hard as you guys.' The video he showed is in character. It blew our minds away. Then we realized that day, this is real."
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It's unclear if Jared Leto means he physically can't be there with the rest of the cast, or if his soul is swimming through the cosmos while Joker takes over. But his absence on set does line-up with recent plot rumors that Joker is in a jail cell for the duration of the movie. We know he doesn't spend all of his time locked up, though. There have been numerous photos and set video of his epic car chase, fighting one of Gotham's greatest superheroes. It should be noted, some of those scenes are rumored to be part of a flashback in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even though Suicide Squad comes out a few months after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the story is said to take place between that film and the events seen in Man of Steel.

What do you think of Jared Leto's wild and crazy antics on set? Is he for real? Does he truly lose himself to these characters? However it plays later on scene, one thing is for certain. He certain is keeping the production of this DC Comics Movie entertaining.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange