The Joker goes barefoot. Because he's crazy! That's possibly the biggest character detail to pull from the latest photo of the clown prince as he'll be seen in this summer's Suicide Squad. The DC Comics adventure is gracing the cover of the upcoming Empire Magazine. And along with this fresh look at Jared Leto's iconic villain, we also get plenty of new character photos and a ton of new story details.

Already controversial amongst fans, Jared Leto's take on the Joker is unique and quite different from anything we've seen on the big screen before in terms of Batman's biggest nemesis. Here, we get a full-body shot that provides possibly our best look yet at the super villain. Instead of his signature suit, this version of the Joker will be going topless, draped in a purple leather trench coat. He dons Arkham issued sweat pants. And he hobbles about on a cane, a direct throwback to the earliest incarnations of the character.

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For the first time, Jared Leto opens up to Empire Magazine about playing The Joker. He confirms that he did torment his fellow cast mates, and describes the process as painful. He even provides some shocking new details.

"It was very painful, like giving birth out of my prick hole. I was just thinking that the Joker would probably just say, 'F**k you,' and hang up. There was definitely a period of...detachment. I took a pretty deep dive. But this was a unique opportunity and I couldn't imagine doing it another way. It was fun, playing those psychological games."

A method actor, Jared Leto never broke character while on the set of Suicide Squad. Some of his co-stars claim to still have never met the real Jared Leto. Jim Parrack, who plays the Joker's henchman Jonny Frost, claims he'd get phone calls from The Joker throughout the day, asking him to do weird, menial tasks such as spray paining roses black, or filling a backpack with nine inch nails. Jared Leto says he listened to a lot of 1920s Gospel music and read literature on shamans while in character. He explains.

"I always get the sense that The Joker may be much older than people think. It's something different. If you don't break rules, you're not going to strike new ground. I think I'll be cooling down for the rest of my life."

If you're wondering about The Joker's wardrobe in Suicide Squad, producer Charles Roven says that it is based on Mexican cartels. He goes onto describe The Joker as being more social, successful and smart. The villain is described as being a sociopathic businessman. About Jared Leto's take on the iconic DC villain, director David Ayer had this to say.

"The Joker is the third rail of comic book movies. There's a power to that character, and by some freaking miracle, through the incredible things Jared has done and the photography and all the other millions of things that went into it, we've cooked up something transcendent. He's scary."

Empire Magazine also details a scene between Task Force X and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) in Suicide Squad. We also get a sense of some of the dialogue. No real plot details are divulged. But one moment kicks off with Deadshot, Diablo, Boomerang, Slipknot, Harley Quinn, and Killer Croc riding in a Chinook helicopter. They are joined by a small army of Navy SEALs. Both groups are being led by Flag, who introduces his team to his own personal bodyguard, Katana. Flag tells his men, "She's got my back. I'd advise not getting killed by her - her sword traps the souls of its victims." That's when Harley goes to shake her hand, "Harley Quinn, nice to meetcha. Love your perfume. What is that: Stench of Death?" About Katana, star Karen Fukuhara had this to say.

"She has morals and codes. She's can also slice through hundreds of people without taking a breath."

The scene description goes onto claim that Killer Croc will be providing the action-packed thriller with some of it's funnier lines of dialogue. While DC does have a strict no-jokes policy when it comes to their movies, it sounds like this one will have a few lighter moments. And this giant abomination is seen as the comedic relief. In this same scene where we're introduced to Katana, Killer Croc will vomit chunks of half-digested goat meat on the floor of the helicopter. He then scoops them up and shovels them back into his mouth. This is too much too stomach, even for some of the hardest Navy SEALS in attendance. Here's how Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje describes his imposing character.

"He's a cannibal with rage issues. Although he only eats the most talented people. He's picky."

Empire Magazine goes onto give us some of the first character details about a few of the others in this team of hardened mercenaries. Adam Beach's Slipknot is formidable, and can climb anything. He hangs people for a living. The actor jokes that he was caught strangling Wonder Woman. He spent a lot of time downloading an app called Grog Knots, and now, claims Adam Beach, 'I could tie up a horse.' You can see Slipknot, Katana and Killer Croc and Rick Flagg along with Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerang and Jay Hernandez's Diablo in the images below.

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