With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in theaters this month, all eyes are on this DC Comics epic. Which isn't allowing much time for Suicide Squad to squeeze in. If you've been missing out on the exploits of this band of super villains, we have a few interesting tidbits from star Jared Leto. The former Oscar winner was on the Red Carpet of the Academy Awards this past Sunday, and he opened up just a tiny bit about playing the clown prince of crime.

We still don't quite know how The Joker is going to fit into the overall storyline in Suicide Squad. But from the trailers, photos and other footage released thus far, it's clear that he's not immediately part of the super villain team tasked with an impossible mission by a secret faction of the government. Listening to his co-stars talk about the actor, it's clear that Jared Leto stayed in character for the duration of the shoot. A new interview posted on DCEU Facts has Leto explaining that he did interact with his cast mates. But he only ever did it through The Joker. He explains.

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"I did interact, but I did it through the eyes of the Joker, which is really fun. It was fun to play that game. It was interesting to take on this challenge. It was unlike anything I've ever done before."

Jared Leto almost looks a little uncomfortable discussing his method of acting. And he's not ready to divulge any of the Joker's onscreen scerets. Not yet anyway. While he doesn't offer anything new in terms of his place in the plot, he does have a few words to say about his director David Ayer.

"He's great. He's an animal. I love him."

It's possible that Jared Leto, in his quest to stay in character as The Joker, will ditch any and all real press opportunities when it comes time to promote Suicide Squad. He hasn't been active when it comes to previous interview ops or cast get togethers. The Joker is shrouded in mystery, and we suspect the actor is going to keep it that way for the near future. You can take a look at the rare interview with the actor in the Tweeted interview below.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange