Yesterday, we reported some new plot details that surfaced for Warner Bros.' DC Comics adaptation Suicide Squad, which revealed that Viola Davis' Amanda Waller has been tracking down every hero and villain with super abilities, even Batman, although he never makes an appearance in the film, except for a brief glimpse on a surveillance camera. Today, we have a new report from Forbes, which claims that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Ben Affleck will make an appearance at the end of Suicide Squad. Obviously, this hasn't been confirmed, but if it proves to be true, there will be SPOILERS that follow below, so read on at your own risk.

The scene in question, "supposedly an in-story scene" that comes at the end, reportedly focuses on "circumstances surrounding The Joker." Yesterday's report revealed that The Joker (Jared Leto) spends most of the movie in his cell, until a massive prison riot at the end, where he kills several people and escapes with most of the Suicide Squad. It seems possible that this is where Batman meets The Joker, setting up a new Batman adventure that Warner Bros. is said to be developing. That movie is rumored to be inspired by the third issue of Frank Miller's classic comic The Dark Knight Returns, which finds Batman squaring off against an "escaped Joker." This movie will also introduce Gotham City Police Commissioner Ellen Yindel, who replaces James Gordon in the comic.

We have previously heard rumors that James Gordon will not be included in this new DC Comics cinematic universe, so this news does fall in line with those reports. But, of course, nothing has been confirmed by Warner Bros. and DC yet. Still, it would make sense to bring Ben Affleck's Batman in for a cameo to set up a stand-alone Batman/Joker movie, although we aren't sure when that may actually hit theaters, since WB/DC already have a full slate planned through the year 2020. What do you think about this new report? Chime in with your thoughts below.