We haven't seen or heard much from Suicide Squad lately, with production believed to be winding down in Toronto. Last week, Jared Leto released a bizarre video that teased The Joker's look from the iconic comic book The Killing Joke, but photos from the actual set have been scarce. Last night, star Joel Kinnaman shared a photo on Instagram, where co-star Will Smith is seen giving him a "Skwad" tattoo. Here's what Joel Kinnaman had to say about Will Smith's tattooing skills.

"Got my #skwad tattoo:) Will has many many talents, tattooing is not one of them. It was like watching a drunk baby fly a helicopter. #suicidesquad #willsmith #harleystattooparlour"
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Earlier today, director David Ayer posted a similar photo, where Margot Robbie is seen in her full Harley Quinn costume, giving the filmmaker his own "Skwad" tattoo. The filmmaker then posted a photo showing the sign for Harley's Tattoo Parlour. It's possible that the filmmaker and cast members are all getting these tattoos done because production is winding down, since shooting has been under way for over four months in Toronto. While we don't know for sure if the production is close to wrapping, we could get official word soon, so stay tuned.

Director David Ayer and his whole cast took a brief break in production last month to descend upon San Diego Comic-Con, where they debuted the very first Suicide Squad trailer. Although this footage leaked early on the same day that the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer officially arrived, Warner Bros. eventually released the official version a few days later. We reported shortly thereafter that the official Suicide Squad trailer was actually beating Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in views on the official Warner Bros. YouTube channel.

The rest of the Suicide Squad cast is comprised of Cara Delevingne as Enchantress, Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. Ben Affleck will also reprise his Batman role from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, although it isn't known how large a role he actually has in this superhero adventure. Hopefully we'll learn more about his role when the next trailer arrives.

While we wait for more details to come in, check out these photos from the Toronto set of Suicide Squad, arriving in theaters August 5, 2016. Are you looking forward to this villain-centric story more than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more from the Suicide Squad set.