Shortly after Common was announced as part of the Suicide Squad cast, he was rumored to be playing Black Manta. But now the actor has been spotted on the Toronto set, and his costumed appearance is to the contrary. It appears that he is actually playing a completely different DC Comics character. While this hasn't been confirmed, it looks like Common is Abel Tarrant a.k.a. The Tattooed Man.

The set photos first surfaced on Just Jared. They show off Common's new tattooed look, with his body ink matching that of the infamous Green Lantern villain. While Warner Bros. and DC haven't made it official, it is known that Abel Tarrant has an affiliation with the Suicide Squad from the comic books. Also, that giant snake on his Common's head matches the character's signature look. A dead giveaway?

Abel Tarrant is a career criminal who was first introduced in the Green Lantern comic books. During a job, he is exposed to some dangerous chemicals that gave him the ability to mentally control the substance, and form objects with it. He eventually uses these chemicals to carve tattoos on himself, which he can control and conjure at will. Including that giant serpent on his head. From the photos, it appears Suicide Squad will be skipping his origin story, and giving us a Tattooed Man who is already down to fight any superhero. It's possible that he is forced to work with Task Force X to reduce a prison sentence, as the other members do.

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It's interesting that Common took on another Green Lantern character, as he originally was signed to play the John Stewart version of Green Lantern in George Miller's Justice League Mortal. That film fell apart during the writers' strike, but is getting a new documentary where we may get to see the actor suited up for the first time as the hero. Until then, take a look at Common as a villain on the set of Suicide Squad as production continues in Toronto. He even assures us that the body ink is not permanent!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange