Warner Bros.' highly-anticipated Suicide Squad is still riding a wave of buzz following the first trailer that was released during the studio's Hall H panel at Comic-Con earlier this month. Actress Cara Delevingne, who plays Enchantress in the comic book adaptation, visited Late Night with Seth Meyers last week to promote her young adult adaptation Paper Towns, currently playing in theaters, where she revealed an interesting aspect of her character. Here's what the actress had to say below.

"The Enchantress, the part I'm playing, it's actually two different parts. It's like an actress' dream. I'm playing opposites, a mousy scientist and then a crazy, feral witch, which is great. Two sides of my personality."
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In the first Suicide Squad trailer, we get brief glimpses of these two different sides to Cara Delevingne's character. We first see her exploring a cave, when she is still this "mousy scientist," before her transformation, and then we see her in a much different way after she becomes the Enchantress. The actress also shed more light on the audition process for director David Ayer, which she previously teased in another interview from just a few weeks ago. Here's what she had to say, revealing she was one of the first to be cast in Suicide Squad.

"I went in and auditioned before there was even a script. I think I was one of the first people that David (Ayer), the director, actually cast. I ended up just doing a monologue from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and I was like, 'What am I auditioning for?' I didn't even know, at the time, but David has an amazing skill of riling up a lot of emotion, so, by the time I left, I literally wanted to kill someone. I was so angry. I said to [Ayer], 'If I kill someone on the way home, you better bail me out of jail, because I'm furious.'"

Despite the news of these dual roles, there is still very little we know about Enchantress. It has been rumored that she is a very powerful character, who plays an important role in a massive prison riot sequence at the end of the film. According to unconfirmed reports, one of the Suicide Squad's first missions is to break up a deal between Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and a gang of human traffickers, which involves Enchantress. She is also said to be kept in a basement area of Amanda Waller's (Viola Davis) prison, reserved for "freaks" like her and King Shark (Ray Olubowale).

Production on Suicide Squad is still happening in Toronto, with the superhero adaptation set for release on August 5, 2016. It remains to be seen when the next trailer will be released, but since shooting is still under way, that probably won't happen for quite some time. While we wait for more footage to come in, check out Cara Delevingne's interview from Late Night with Seth Meyers.