With production set to begin this April in Toronto, director David Ayer is currently in pre-production on the highly-anticipated Suicide Squad adaptation, which is set to hit theaters next August. As he did during the production of his last movie, the World War II drama Fury, the filmmaker has been giving his fans updates throughout the process, and today, he sent out a photo to his Twitter followers, which showcases some of the "tools" his "skwad" will use.

The "tool" in question is some sort of a high-caliber rifle, along with a scope and a few extra magazines of ammunition. While the filmmaker wouldn't say exactly who these "tools" belong to, it may be a safe bet to assume that this is one of the guns used by Deadshot (Will Smith). Although, since there is very little confirmed information about the story, this gun could belong to any member of the Suicide Squad.

In the absence of any authentic plot details, numerous rumors have surfaced lately, with the movie allegedly opening with Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) trying to break The Joker (Jared Leto) out of Arkham Asylum, although her mission interferes with Deadshot trying to assassinate a new inmate who is being transferred to Arkham. According to this unconfired rumor, both Harley and Deadshot are captured and moved into Amanda Waller's (Viola Davis) prison, along with The Joker, where the Squad is first formed. Hopefully we'll get confirmation on these details soon as we get closer and closer to a production start date, but, until then, take a look at David Ayer's photo below.