Suicide Squad was a movie that had a lot of potential, which ultimately fizzled, due to what many fans believe was an excess of studio interference in director David Ayer's vision for the film. Recently, Ayer confirmed on Twitter that a major plot point from the original script was removed involving Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Will Smith's Deadshot.

"Diablo survived originally, Harley and Deadshot hooked up as a couple. This was changed during reshoots."
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The reshoots were notoriously blamed for the muddled tone of the film that audiences got to see in theaters, with fans believing the studio insisted that David Ayer remove many of the more edgy elements from the storyline and insert more jokes to make the film more palatable for general audiences.

In this case, the reshoots prevented Deadshot and Harley Quinn from taking their relationship to the natural conclusion by getting together. In the final cut of the film, the friendship between the two characters was cited as one of the best things about the story.

Deadshot and Harley started out the film as stone-cold killers who barely knew each other. Deadshot originally planned to ally with Harley solely because he knew the Joker would be springing his girlfriend at some point, and Deadshot intended to escape with her.

But as the story progressed, the two grew closer together, finding their tactical minds often put them on the same wavelength. Deadshot was the first one to comfort Harley when it appeared that Joker had died, and Harley, in turn, sympathized with the assassin's quest to get back to his daughter.

The two hooking up would have made a lot of sense scriptwise, in addition to setting up added tension once Joker realizes Harley has been unfaithful to him. Sleeping with another guy would also have been the first step towards emancipation from the Clown Prince of Crime that Harley pursued in her solo sequel movie.

Instead, the movie kept the relationship between the two platonic, with Harley's only love interest being her Mistah J, and Deadshot's entire emotional arc kept centered around his daughter. The Harley-Deadshot romance would have also elevated the two characters as the main leads instead of the ensemble movie we ended up getting.

Diablo surviving is also a significant departure from the final movie, where the character sacrificed his life in order to stop Enchantress, and in doing so achieved some measure of absolution for his previous mistakes that resulted in the death of his family.

It's hard to tell how much better or worse the reshoots made the movie, but it is difficult to imagine Ayer's original vision would have fared any worse than the final version of the film that critics tore apart. Now, the Suicide Squad has another chance to make a better impression with a soft reboot of the franchise under filmmaker James Gunn, which is bringing Harley Quinn back to the mercenary team, this time with a fresh roster of villains.

Neeraj Chand