Now that Suicide Squad is in theaters, fans will surely be watching this adventure multiple times to try and find every Easter Egg or reference to the ever expansive DC Extended Universe (DCEU). We already learned that the post credit scene helps set up the highly-anticipated Justice League movie, with a scene between Bruce Wayne and Amanda Waller. Today we have word that one seemingly innocuous scene reveals a huge spoiler that could have a drastic impact on the DCEU moving forward. There will be potential SPOILERS below, so read on at your own risk.

During an early scene in Suicide Squad, the criminal history for all of the Task Force X members is shown. For most of the characters, it just mentions the crimes they committed and the superhuman abilities they have, but the scene for Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) includes one shocking bombshell. The Wrap reports that this revelation pops up so quickly that most fans will miss it, but this scene reveals that she is actually the person who killed Jason Todd, a.k.a. Robin.

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Even before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters in March, early trailers revealed a scene where Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is seen gazing at Robin's costume, which featured the hand-scrawled remarks "Ha ha ha joke's on you Batman." Naturally, most fans just assumed it was The Joker (Jared Leto) who killed Robin, since it was The Joker who killed Jason Todd in the iconic 1988 comic book A Death in the Family. Ironically enough, the Harley Quinn character hadn't even been created yet when that comic was released, since Harley first debuted in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992, before transitioning to the comics.

In the comics, 20 years after his death, Jason Todd returns as the Red Hood, who has been speculated to appear in the solo Batman Movie that Ben Affleck is starring in and directing. Those rumors have since been shut down, but other reports claim that Red Hood is in fact seen as an important character in the DCEU, but where he will fit in remains to be seen. It's also unclear if Batman/Bruce Wayne knows that Harley Quinn killed Robin, or if he assumes that The Joker is the killer. This could set up an interesting story line for all three characters in the Batman movie.

It's also worth noting that Warner Bros. is developing a Harley Quinn spinoff movie, which will also reportedly include female DC characters such as Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. We don't know for sure if there are any plans to bring Ben Affleck back for that project, or how this shocking revelation will affect the DCEU as a whole. Stay tuned for more updates on Suicide Squad and the rest of the DCEU.