Fans eagerly anticipating Suicide Squad have had no shortage of sneak peeks at the production as it gears up to shoot later this March and throughout the rest of spring. Director David Ayer hasn't been shy about sharing photos from the set. And Will Smith, who plays Deadshot, and Margot Robbie, who will be the second actress to portray Harley Quinn in the flesh after Mia Sara portrayed the villain in the short lived Birds of Prey tv series, spent most of their Focus press tour discussing the DC Comics adaptation. Now it's Jai Courtney's turn as he sets out on his The Divergent Series: Insurgent press run. Speaking with 106.1 KISS FM, the actor talked publicly about his Captain Boomerang for the first time, and he makes the process sound like a lot of fun, even though shooting hasn't begun yet:

" "I'm not on set [yet, but] I'm about to ship out as we speak. I'm going to Toronto to [start] shooting."
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While Jai Courtney can't reveal too much, if anything, about the story line, he does give some insight into the character of George 'Digger' Harkness, confirming that the character will keep to his Austrailian roots. He then jokingly teased his prep for the role:

"I'm playing an Aussie, so I've just been eating meat pie and drinking beer; it's such a stretch."

In a separate, but none the less important interview with King 5, Jai Courtney's co-star Jared Leto confirmed what we pretty much already knew. His new haircut is for The Joker. But was there ever any doubt with the movie just weeks away from shooting? He says:

"It's for a film called Suicide Squad [and] I'm playing the Joker, so it's part of the process."
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange