Yesterday, we reported that yet another actor has joined Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad, with Jay Hernandez signing on for an unspecified role. There was speculation that the actor is playing a character who is housed in the same prison cell block as Jared Leto's The Joker, and, according to a new report from Latino-Review's El Mayimbe, yesterday's details appear to be at least partially true. The actor is playing Chato Santana, a.k.a. El Diablo, although he will only have a small role in the film.

"#HOT RUMOR Found out who Jay Hernandez is playing in #SUICIDESQUAD. Chato Santana aka EL DIABLO. It is a small role, no more than a cameo in the film. He is a prisoner being held in the super powered criminal part of the prison with (rumored) KILLER FROST, BLOCK BUSTER, KING SHARK, & LIVE WIRE amongst others. #DC #DCCU"

We have reported in the past that Suicide Squad opens in Arkham Asylum, where Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) tries to break The Joker out of prison. Her scheme interferes with Deadshot (Will Smith) and his plans to assassinate a new Arkham inmate. Both Deadshot and Harley Quinn are captured and taken to Amanda Waller's (Viola Davis) prison, along with The Joker, where the Suicide Squad is formed. Waller's prison reportedly also includes a secret underground area where villains such as King Shark are kept, which may be where El Diablo will surface.

David Ayer is directing Suicide Squad from his own script, although no story details have been confirmed at this time. Production is scheduled to begin this April in Toronto, so hopefully an official plot synopsis will be released sometime in the near future. Are you looking forward to Jay Hernandez playing Chato Santana in Suicide Squad? Chime in with your thoughts below.