We've already seen plenty of behind-the-scenes footage of The Joker's purple sports car in Suicide Squad. But since it was first introduced on the streets of Toronto this past year, it has often been misidentified as a Lambourgini. The creator of the car was recently interviewed by Fox 13 in Tampa Bay, Florida and he sets the record straight. He also gives us all a better look at this souped up ride.

The Joker's car is actually a Vaydor. And it was designed by Matt McEntegart of Vaydor Exotics, which is located in Florida. The designer gave some of the history of this flashy ride. He has always loved the looks of the expensive super cars introduced on the market by Lamborghini and Ferrari. He's just never had the money to buy one himself. Instead, he decided to custom build his own fiberglass body, with associated hardware and accessories that fit what he was looking for.

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He actually retrofitted an old Infinity G-35 in creating this whole new sports car. He came up with the name Vaydor, and it quickly caught a lot of peoples' attention. Including a person who often supplies cars to movie producers to be used on screen. He called Matt McEntegart up and asked if they could use the car in an upcoming project. But they weren't quick to reveal just how iconic the man behind the wheel would turn out to be. He explains.

"They said, 'It's going to be the villain's car. Do you mind?' I'm like, 'No, that's perfect!'"

Of course, that villain turned out to be The Joker. As we all know, Jared Leto will portray the character. It will be the clown prince of crime's first big screen appearance since Heath Ledger took over the role in 2008's The Dark Knight. This will be the first time, though, that The Joker has had his own purple sports car of this magnitude. Which clearly pays homage to some of the past DC comic books. About the look of the car, Matt McEntegart had this to say.

"I wanted something different. I'm a fan of the super car look. So I wanted aggressive, angry, low to the ground."

The video from Fox 13 claims that you can build your own Vaydor Joker car for as little as $60,000 and you can do it yourself in your garage. All you need is the chassis of an Infinity, which you put the fiberglass body over the top of. In the trailer, we got to see Batman taking a ride on top if the supercar. And it's sure to be a hit in terms of marketing, as the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice toy line will bring the car to store shelved everywhere this January before Suicide Squad its theaters this August. What do you think?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange