Ever since Tom Hardy dropped out of playing the Rick Flagg role in Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad, fans have been wondering who will replace the actor. We're getting closer and closer to the April production start date in Toronto, and still don't have an answer. Today, JoBlo reports that Karl Urban is the latest actor being sought to play Rick Flagg, after Jake Gyllenhaal passed on the role last week. There is another casting wrinkle, though, and with it comes some SPOILERS, so you may want to read on at your own risk!

A report from last week revealed that Rick Flagg is essentially an administrator who watches over Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) throughout most of the movie, until he is revealed as a villain, teaming up with his father, Rick Flagg Sr. This new report reveals that the studio is considering Ed Harris and Max Martini to play Rick Flagg Sr. and Jr. respectively. It was believed that Karl Urban was also being sought for a role in the studio's Aquaman, but that all reportedly depends on which script they end up using for this movie. Warner Bros. is also seeking the right actor to play Thinker, after Geoffrey Rush passed on the role, and the studio is also seeking another actor to play General Sam Lane, the father of Amy Adams' Lois Lane.

Last week, actor Gary Sinise was said to have joined the project in the role of General Elling role, but JoBlo's sources claim that the actor is actually in contention to play the rumored role of General Sam Lane, which could play a huge factor into future movies, since Lane is a main antagonist of Superman in the comics. The site also corroborates an earlier report that Deathstroke may be played by Joe Manganiello, who worked with director David Ayer on last year's Sabotage. The filmmaker is reportedly trying to "get his own people" on the project, with Deathstroke said to be, "a hired assassan that is competing with the Suicide Squad." Another name mentioned for Deathstroke is Terminator: Genisys star Jason Clarke.

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The site goes onto reports that Jared Leto's The Joker "is scarred all over his body because of his battles with Batman" and he constantly "plays mind games with people and twists [their] minds." The Joker has previously been compared to Hannibal Lecter, since he spends most of the movie in his cell. Cara Delevingne's Enchantress is said to be "very powerful," and she plays an integral role in the massive prison riot scene at the end of the movie, which is described as "crazy." Another previous reported hinted at the presence of Batman in Suicide Squad, but it still isn't known if Ben Affleck himself is making an appearance, since it is "dependent on his schedule." What do you think of all these new details?